5 Ways To Play With Water Beads

Lately our Tuff Spot has stood empty

Life has seemed too busy

For messy and sensory play

But I think we just need to make time

We are all missing our creative ways to play

Before we start a new chapter

In our Tales From The Tuff Spot

I thought I would recap

Some of our old ways to play

Starting with water beads

These slippery squishy marble sized balls

Are designed to be decorative in floral arrangements

They are NOT baby safe

And should only be used under supervision

With children who understand they MUST NOT put the beads in their mouth

My children have played with water beads

From a very young age

And so far we have not had any issues

We have had lots and lots of fun!

And so here are

5 ways to play with water beads

Sensory Soup and Water Bead Tea

3 time for tea

Seaside and Snow Tuff Spot


Water Beads and Plastic Eggs (and Trains!)


Twinkle Twinkle


Painting with Water Beads


I think we may start with water bead painting.

How about you?

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