My Breastfeeding Essentials with Baby Number 5

Today Edie Mae is 3 months old

And we are three months

Into our breastfeeding journey

I am three months into my nursing adventure

With baby number 5

In the last 13 weeks

I have had mastitis twice

Edie has had suspected bronchiolitis

And a possible tongue tie

I thought with my fifth baby

Nursing would come easy

But it really hasn’t

It has been and continues to be

An emotional rollercoaster

And Edie

Though clearly a happy and healthy baby

Is slipping down the weight centiles

As we struggle to get to grips with feeding

Being a multiple mummy

The wrong side of 40

I am finding breastfeeding exhausting this time around

And it is just one of the many things in my life

That I cannot devote enough time to

Struggling with the one thing you have always been good at

The one aspect of parenting you have always found easy

Is really hard to accept and come to terms with

But I am determined to continue feeding Edie

For as long as I can

For her sake and for mine

Edith Mabel is our last baby

And I really want to enjoy these feeds

Make the most of these cuddles

Breastfeeding is what I do

I would be lost without the connection that I have had through nursing

I want to give Edie the same start that I gave the others

Though perhaps not for quite so long as I fed Bea!

I would love to feed Edie for a year

Being an experienced breastfeeder

I have my go to products

My breastfeeding essentials

And in a belated World Breastfeeding Week post

I would like to share my essentials with you

I hope that someone somewhere might find them helpful

Bravado Bras
I love Bravado Nursing Bras

I was introduced to them when pregnant with Matilda Mae

And have never looked back

2017-05-21 11.23.55-2

My bras are all a bit tired now

Some of them are over 5 years old

But they still look good

They wash well

And they are super duper comfy

The material the Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra is made from

Is so soft and stretchy and seems to be growing perfectly with my ever changing chest size

The bra is gentle enough to be worn all day without leaving marks or causing any discomfort

It seems to caress tender breasts and keep them safe and supported right through the night

It is really very comfortable for sleeping in which is important when pregnant and breastfeeding

When you often need that extra support

I love the fact that the bra has a low back

So that when I am nursing through the summer months I can wear it with some lovely vest tops and summer dresses

I not have to sacrifice style for the practicalities of breastfeeding

I find this bra makes a great, flattering shape under my clothes.

It comes with extra padding if I feel I need a bit of oomph or nipple discretion

Bravo Bravado and thank you for the ‘support’ these past five feeding years

Frugi Feeding Range
I have really struggled with clothes this time round

Nothing seems to fit me as it should

13 weeks post partum and I still look about 5 months pregnant

Though I am generally slim and I do not weigh very much

I have a big bump that I am starting to think I may now never lose

Pretty clothes with feeding access are not always easy to come by

I fall back on one brand most days

That brand is Frugi

I have worn their Mother range since having Bea

And I love it

2017-05-21 11.25.20

The clothes are so incredibly well made

The company has a generous ethical ethos

And their clothes make me feel good about myself

I would buy their entire range if I could

And would happily never wear anything else

Today I am joining in with @heyitsromeca and @asnapshotofme for #whatmamaworemonday I am wearing this beautiful #maternitydress and #breastfeedingdress from @welovefrugi I love the floral print and the tiny buds of red and yellow. I love the easy #nursing access and the shape of the dress. The dress feels light to wear but the material is heavy and plentiful so the dress washes and dries well and never needs ironing! Perfect design! I wear this dress bare legged and with leggings. At #12weekspostpartum I still have a sizeable bump so am wearing my @newlookfashion #maternity leggings in navy blue. I am 5'6 and 10 stone 4lbs 12 weeks #postbaby and I am trying hard to embrace my #postpartumbody This dress helps me do that #frugi #whatmamawore #breastfeedingclothes #maternityfashion #mumuniform #mamastyle

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I have slept with the light on

Ever since Bea was born

With Bea we had a Grolight

Which I loved

But after awhile it disturbed David’s sleep

With Edie Mae

I have been using a Meelight from Cheeky Rascals

2017-06-30 01.10.17-1

This night light is my most used baby product

This time around

When I go to bed I turn it on

It has three settings

I use the lowest setting all night

Use the middle setting for settling into bed

When I am checking Edie is where she should be

And breathing as she should be

The third, brightest setting

I use for latching Edie on to feed

And for night time nappy changes

This pebble shaped light does not get hot

So I can hold it up close to Edie to check her

I can carry it to the loo

Use it to check on my other children

It has a clip which allows you to wear the light

This is an incredibly innovative product

That every mother should own

I cannot ever imagine being without mine now

products (444)

Essential One Sleep Bras
My sleep bras from The Essential One

Are perfect for comfort and support over night

These soft bras have been perfect

For wearing when my breasts are engorged

Or have been throbbing with infection

They are gentle against sensitive skin

I love them

And have been known to wear them

Even when not sleeping!

Close Fabric Breast Pads
I mostly wear disposable breast pads

Often from Sainsburys or Tesco

But recently I have been introduced to

Fabric breast pads from Close

Pop-in breast pads from Close are ideal for nursing mums

Reusable and machine washable

They are incredibly slim with a hidden waterproofing layer and added protection against leaks

They are also supremely comfortable to wear

I love them

And will be stocking up on them

To see me through the remainder of my feeding journey

Muslin Swaddles
A mummy can never have too many muslins

The list of uses for these brilliant

Often beautiful cloths is endless

2017-05-18 11.43.50

Recently I have used them to cover Edie from the sun on days out

To cover us not while Edie feeds but while she latches on

They can also be used for mopping leaks and spills

For lining cots and car seats

As a portable playmat

A light weight blanket or towel

So many uses for the marvellous muslin

And the Mama Designs giant cloud print swaddles

Are some of our faves!

2017-06-27 17.04.43-2

Cereal Bars
What is your go to breastfeeding snack?

An oat based cereal bar is mine

Preferably with a sprinkle of chocolate!

Sainsburys Chewy and Oaty

Chocolate and Raisin Cereal Bar

Is my latest addiction

Shnuggle Nightdresses
When is a nightdress not a nightdress?

When it is beautiful enough to be a day dress!

Shnuggle launched two nightdresses this year

And I am lucky enough to own them both

shnuggle berlin

Both grey in colour

Made from bamboo fibre

Which is super soft and antibacterial

They have really easy discreet feeding access

2017-06-03 21.45.44-2

Both have pretty details in their designs

Flattering gathers and folds

Which mean I often wear these dresses as lounge wear during the day

Everyone always compliments me when I wear them

So much so I have seriously contemplated wearing them out of the house

But have not been brave enough … yet


David makes breastfeeding possible

He gets up with the older children in the morning

So Edie can have a really good morning feed when she wakes

David often does tea time and always does bath time

As Edie cluster feeds

David is happy to get me what I need

While I am sat feeding

He understands that nursing is not easy

That it takes energy and patience and time

He understands how much it means to me

To be able to feed our babies

David is my breastfeeding support

I could not do it without him

2017-06-14 20.29.26

So those were my breastfeeding essentials

Not in any order

Here are some other things

Things that might be called

My essential extras

Things I do not really need

But that I like to have

My Essential Extras

No Harm Nipple Balm
Every breastfeeding mother

Should carry a nipple balm

To prevent cracks

To soothe sore nipples

To protect from damage

No Harm Nipple Balm

Is one of the best on the market

It is 100% natural

Safe for mother and baby

Can be applied with one hand

And does not need washing off before a feed

So as well as being healthy and healing

It is handy too!

Hush Cush
Everybody needs a pillow for a bosom!

Actually most of the time when breastfeeding

I do not use a cushion

But sometimes with Edie

When she is struggling with her latch

Or getting used to a new position

We use the Hush Cush

This is a nursing cushion with a difference

You wear it on your arm

It provides comfort and support for mummy and baby

The cushion supports my weak wrist

Which often aches when Edie falls asleep on it at the breast

2017-08-08 11.24.00

The cushion helps Edie be in and stay in the optimal tummy to tummy feeding position

It also raises her head higher than her tummy to aid digestion

I think this also means that she does not get too windy

2017-08-08 11.24.45

The Hush Cush provides a skin barrier to stop mummy and baby sticking to each other

Particularly on hot days

The cushion helps mummies to sit in a healthy position

Protecting and preserving postpartum backs

2017-07-29 18.12.58

The Hush Cush is easy to keep clean

With detachable and washable covers

Perfect for milky spills and sleepy dribbles

This portable pillow makes a perfect present for new parents

No matter how they choose to feed their little one

Just look at all these benefits!


Essential One Nightdresses
I gave birth to Bea and Edie in the same nightdress

From The Essential One

These nightdresses are so soft and stretchy

Perfect for pregnancy, postpartum and beyond

I can often be found feeding in mine

The shape of the dresses flatters my curvy post baby shape

They make me feel pretty

And give me a boost

Bosom Buddies Breastfeeding Oils
Another product that has helped me

Breastfeed baby number 5

Is this set of oils from

The Natural Birthing Company


Key Facts
Bosom Buddies consists of three blends:
Full heavy tender breasts
Mastitis (You must also seek medical advice if you think you have mastitis as you may need antibiotics)
Low milk supply
Sore nipples
Painful nipples

All three blends also help with any low mood or anxiety/tension/stress as these factors also have a part to play in low milk supply and pain.

How to use
Add 2-3 drops of your chosen blend to a bowl of water. Hot water is best used for low milk supply, cold water on sore nipples, whereas heavy, full tender breasts would benefit from hot water to ease the flow or cold water to ease the discomfort/swelling so choose what feels right for you at the time.
Submerge a couple of flannels or muslin cloths into the water solution, squeeze them out and place the wet cloths over both breasts directly onto the skin.
Cover with a dry towel to keep warm and relax for up to 30 minutes. (During this time the cloths can be renewed in the water to maintain their temperature)
Prior to feeding baby clean the breasts with a clean wet cloth to help to remove any lingering scent from the oils.

Properties of Ingredients
Cypress: Calming and relaxing – has diuretic properties thereby reduces swelling
Geranium: Uplifting – Diuretic and astringent – induces tissue, muscle and skin to contract
German Chamomile – Lifts mood – antiphlogistic properties thereby reduces swelling & oedema
Peppermint – Relieves stress, depression and mental exhaustion – relieves pain, reduces swelling.
Mandarin – Boosts circulation – antiseptic properties, promotes healing, relieves stress
Fennel – Galactogogue – boosts production of oestrogen which plays a part in milk production
Lemon Grass – Galactogogue – increases self-esteem, confidence and uplifts spirits
Frankincense – Lowers anxiety and stress – promotes relaxation, antiseptic properties
Neroli: Relaxes and calms. Good for insomnia, nervous tension, headaches, depression, anxiety.
Lavender – Antiseptic – pain relieving properties, calming of nervous tension and emotional stress

At the first hint of a blockage

Or the faintest symptom of mastitis

I have used these Bosom Buddies on hot flannels on my breasts

The effect is immediate

The scent soothes my mind

And the active ingredients soothe my symptoms

The process feels like such an indulgent treat

One I rarely have time to enjoy

But I know that when I do

The physical, mental and emotional benefits are enormous

For me and for baby

Edie has been struggling with her weight

And I wonder as an older mum of five breastfed babies

If my supply is not meeting her demand

Some time with Bosom Buddies

Settles my anxiety and helps to boost my supply

This set would make a lovely gift for a new breastfeeding mummy

Try to give her the time out to use the products too

She will love you forever!

2017-07-02 15.23.29-2

Being an older, experienced breastfeeder

I have my go to products

My breastfeeding essentials

And treats

In this belated World Breastfeeding Week post

I have shared my essentials with you

I hope that someone somewhere might find them helpful

Thank you for reading and travelling this journey with us

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