Baby Injections: Tips for Mummy and Baby

Today Edie had her second set of immunisations

She was a super star this time around

Gulped the Rota Virus oral vaccination down with ease

Albeit through tears

And screamed as the needle went in her thigh

But was easy to settle with a cuddle and a few renditions of

You Are My Sunshine

Every mummy should have this miracle soothing song in their repertoire!

While Edie was a trooper today

I was just a storm (Star Wars reference)

I had a panic attack

The first I have had in a long time

Leaving our house to go to the surgery

Was a fuss and a fumble

By the time we were ready to leave Edie was crying

She continued to scream all the way in the car

My nerves were frayed already

As I hate injection day

I have with all our children

And it never ever gets easier

I get very worried and emotional

I hate that I have to take them somewhere

Knowing that pain will be inflicted on them

I realise it cruel to be kind

But the whole experience really affects me

By the time we arrived at the doctors

Edie was screaming so much


I just wanted to take her home

I called David in a crazy panic

Saying I could not take her in

Telling him that he should have come with me

I was in a panic that I could not stop

Edie would not feed

She would not be calmed

Which in turn meant I was in an inner turmoil

I tried to put her back in the car

To drive home

But that made her worse

So I picked her up and held her to me

And in the middle of a housing estate in the next village

(There are never spaces in the surgery car park)

I paced the streets

Like a crazy lady

Bouncing and swinging with Edie

Singing oh so quietly

You are my sunshine

My only sunshine

It took a few times through

But she calmed

I calmed

We both calmed together

Enough to go into the doctors

And go through with the vaccinations

We are home now

It has been an hour

Since the needle went in

I still feel sick to my stomach

I can still taste the adrenalin

But we made it

I did not give up and come home

I very nearly did

But today I beat my panic and anxiety … ish

And I did what needed to be done

Injection day is not a nice day

For mummy or baby

But here are some tips

To make the experience

As easy as it can be

2017-08-06 09.55.32-2

1. Book your appointment for early in the day so you can get it over and done with

2. If like me you are a worrier, you panic or are scared of the experience, take someone with you. Do not go it alone.

3. Leave plenty of time to reach the appointment so that you and baby are as calm as can be

4. The needles go into baby’s thighs so wear clothing that gives god access without the need for popping poppers or undressing of any kind. Rompers and dresses are perfect.

5. Take your little one’s red book with you

6. Hold your baby firmly as directed by the nurse. Try to stay calm.

7. Try not to feed your baby as the vaccinations are given. It is better to feed after pain to soothe baby rather than during when baby may associate pain with feeding.

8. Be aware that the nurse may ask you to give your baby the oral Rota Virus vaccine. Aim the syringe into the pouch of the cheek. Give baby a small amount at a time and wait for baby to swallow before giving any more.

9. Check with surgery their advice on giving pain relief for the 8 week and 16 week immunisations.

With Men B vaccination (given at 8 weeks, 16 weeks and one year) it’s recommended that you routinely give your baby liquid paracetamol after the vaccination to reduce the risk of fever.

10. If there are any signs of fever after your baby’s jabs it is safe to give them Calpol. Do ask for dosage advice if you are unsure.

11. Treat yourself when the experience is over and allow yourself to feel whatever you need to feel. It is not silly to be sad, feel guilty. It is not crazy to worry. However you feel is okay.

12. Plan a quiet day after the injections to see how baby reacts as it can be different each time.

13. Enjoy all the cuddles

14. Learn the words to You Are My Sunshine!

2017-08-07 16.36.47

6 thoughts on “Baby Injections: Tips for Mummy and Baby

  1. Well done for overcoming your anxiety – not an easy task. Hope Edie and you have enjoyed a calm afternoon with lots of snuggles xx

  2. I hate injection too! Our Dr is right by a supermarket so I would always take L in afterwards, just quickly, to let him pick a magazine (now he’s older) or get his fave fruit pouches when he was little and some easy food for us all. Then head home for cuddles. Each time he has reacted entirely differently to the last, just to keep me on my toes.
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