5 Books for my Map Mad Adventure Boy

William is 7 years old

I want to take him by the hand

And show him the world

I want him to explore volcanoes

Climb mountains

Swim in cold lakes and warm seas

Sleep beneath the Northern Lights

2017-08-09 19.29.17

Spot animals on safari

2017-08-09 19.30.25

I want to show him the places

In the Bible that he adores so much

2017-08-09 19.24.54

I want him to see Geysers

Salt flats

Sand dunes

Ancient Egyptian pyramids

2017-08-09 19.30.48

I want us to enjoy Holiday Gems

And discover unknown wonders of the Earth

I want to show my son the world

I want us to do that together

With his siblings

And his Dad

2017-08-09 15.32.17

I know that he wants the same

We talk about it all the time

As we look through his favourite books

Books of maps

Numbers and facts

Books that offer a window to the world

These are just a few of them

A few of the books most enjoyed

By my Map Mad Adventure Boy


William spends hours poring over this book

It is a beautifully illustrated atlas

Containing 52 maps

A simple world map

A map of each continent

And some country maps

For each mapped country

You can read their capital city, language, population and area

William loves these facts and figures

The maps also show people and products from each place

This book is filled with geographical facts

General knowledge and trivia

The maps are a work of art

2017-08-01 10.14.14

2017-08-09 15.37.33

2017-08-09 15.37.29


This is the book I can imagine William and I using

When he is a teen

To pick a place to explore on a long weekend

A last minute break

The City Atlas invites you to travel the world

With 30 city maps

Each City is beautifully depicted

As an illustrated map

Each has a short introductory text

Then lots of pictures and facts

What to see

What to say

What to do

What to eat

A bucket list in a book

As well as a collection of geography and history lessons

City Atlas has made me realise

How much of London

We are yet to explore

2017-08-20 15.58.11

2017-08-20 15.58.21

2017-08-20 15.58.54


This is a book of inspiration

A book to encourage wanderlust

A book to scratch any itchy feet

This is a plan on a picture perfect page

Where to go

And what to do

To adventure and explore

Your way around the globe

From Finland to Borneo

London to Moscow

This is a list of experiences

Lift off in a hot air balloon

River raft down the Grand Canyon

Dance at the Rio Carnival

Paint yourself in a rainbow at a Holi Festival

Each illustrated adventure invites you in

While furnishing you with facts and figures

About each activity and destination

This is the perfect book to get lost in

2017-08-01 10.08.26

2017-08-09 19.30.06

2017-08-09 19.32.38


This is a collection of nature’s best

Unmissable events from around the world

Epic migrations and extraordinary behaviours

Learn how animals live

Where they live

And how they survive

Read about habitats

Food chains

Find all the fascinating facts and figures

About animals from all around the world

2017-08-09 15.37.40

2017-08-09 15.38.40

2017-08-09 19.33.04


This book is awesome!

Filled with all the best-loved animals of the world

Chosen for their special talents and characteristics

Filled with fascinating facts, curious creatures and characterful cartoons

This book will keep young explorers busy for hours

And older ones too!

2017-08-01 10.15.04-1

2017-08-09 19.34.53

2017-08-03 19.16.55

Do you have a favourite book of maps or facts?

Perhaps you will try one of these?


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