Baby Play: Autumn Colours Treasure Basket

Edie is now 4 months old

And she is in to everything

2017-09-09 11.23.39-1

She loves to be in her Jumperoo

2017-08-31 12.34.09-1

Or her new Skip Hop Activity Centre

She likes to be on her feet

2017-09-09 11.22.52-1

And if not on her feet

She likes to be sitting up

So much so that we have dusted off Bea’s Stokke Steps

And she joins us at the table for short bursts

2017-09-03 17.06.13-2

Edie is ever more alert and active

And her easy going nature means that she is great fun to be around

It is a very dark day if Edie does not flash you a smile

When you look her way

She has the most amazing smile

Just like all her siblings before her

And as with all her siblings

This baby loves a camera

2017-09-09 11.23.30-1

Another shared trait

Is a love of being busy

A curious mind

And grabbing hands

An eagerness to learn and play

2017-09-10 18.57.37-2

One of my favourite parts of parenting

Is setting up sensory play

Messy play

Small world play

And I am taking this blog back

To when I think it was at it’s best

Focused on children’s books and toys

Sharing play ideas

Tuff Spot themes

Arts and crafts for little ones

This weekend I have been busy sharing

Old autumn themed posts

Before creating new content

Seasonal sensory activities

For babies and children

Aged 0 – 7

Starting today

With this Autumn Colours Treasure Baskets

For babies aged 3 months plus

autumn basket

It is important to remember with young babies

That the way they explore the things

They can grab hold of

Is by putting them to their mouth

Therefore this autumn basket does not include conkers or acorns

As they can be a choking hazard

Coming up on the blog over the next couple of weeks

I have some great ideas for conker and acorn play for older children

And some creative ways of enabling babies to explore these autumn treasures

For this project though

I focused on autumnal colours

And large products that are safe for Edie to mouth

With close supervision

The basket includes


Chiffon scarves in red, brown, orange and yellow

These are great on their own but also for wrapping up other contents

Hiding and revealing games

Playing Peekaboo


These One Two Squeeze blocks

From B. Toys

Are great for little hands

And safe for little gums

They are stackable and chewable

They are educational too

With numbers and pictures on them

And come in some lovely bright colours

These are great for baby playtime

And for young toddlers too

b blocks


Designed with older babies in mind

These bugs are easy for baby to grab

Easy to hold on to

And super satisfying to chew

As baby gets older these bugs can be linked together

And popped apart

A brilliant toy that grows with baby

Bea still loves these toys

And she is 3!

2017-09-10 19.02.18-2


In the basket we currently have

Two carrots, an apple and an orange

The fresh produce will be changed each time we play

We are going to include on rotation

Potato, parsnip, swede

Carrot, apple, pear, pumpkin

Oranges and plums

With the older children

They will also have the chance to taste

The fruits and vegetables that we use

Adding natural products

Gives a chance to explore lots of new shapes, colours

Textures, tastes and smells

fresh produce


Plastic balls

With bobbles and ridges

Nice to handle

Nice to chew

Perfect for baby to explore with their senses

All in lovely autumn colours



Edie has the most magical baby gym from Skip Hop

The Camping Cubs Tipi Activity Mat

2017-09-10 19.53.00

She loves it so much

That I have bought a few more toys from the range

I have included some of these

In her autumn treasure basket

A raccoon teether

That plays Twinkle Twinkle

And a chime bell squirrel

We have a chime bunny too!

The extra Skip Hop Toys are part of the Peekaboo Trio set

That come in a soft hollow log

Perfect for autumn play!


These finger puppets are just the right size

For baby to hug and hold

And chew

EVERYTHING goes to the mouth

Also perfect for acting out one of our favourite autumn stories

Owl Babies

With three siblings on hands to take on the roles of Sarah, Percy and Bill

The Owl Babies show is never ending in our home

2017-09-10 19.03.33

This is Edie’s Autumn Colour Treasure Basket

Here are some other ideas for baby seasonal play this autumn

10 Fall Themed Baby Play Activities
We are going to be recreating some of these over the next few days and weeks so do follow the blog!

Baby Colour Basket

Leaf Sensory Bags

Squishy Paint Autumn Tree
Cannot wait to try this one!

Baby and Toddler Conker Play
We have a variation of this coming up soon!

Fall Sensory Bags

Lots more autumn ideas for children of all ages collated here

Edspire Loves Autumn

Have Fun!

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