Hallway Hopes

Our 1930s house

Has a large entrance hall

It is the one part of our downstairs

That we have not completely renovated

We need to lay the durable engineered oak flooring

That we have used throughout the rest of the ground floor

David researched thoroughly flooring for our home

Looking at engineered oak and the latest solid wood flooring

Putting in underfloor heating

And laying the floor by himself

Plank by plank

He still has the hall floor to do

But first there are other decisions to be made

What to do with the stairway

What to do with the space under our stairs

How we plan to use the hall

And what we want on the walls

I have been busy collating ideas on Pinterest

And have decided to now try and organise my thoughts a little here

Our hallway is where we welcome people

It is the first part of our home people see

It is where we leave coats and bags and shoes

It is where we get ready to go out

And where we unload when we get home

It is a hub of coming and going

A place that needs to be both passage and storage

While looking good

Such a high functioning little room

That at the moment is just a messy mass of stuff!

Here is how I imagine our hallway

May eventually look

Thank you Pinterest!!

nautical hallway 8

nautical hallway 7

nautical hallway 6

nautical hallway 5

nautical hallway 4

nautical hallway 3

nautical hallway 2

nautical hallway 1

How functional is your hallway?

Does your hall have a theme?

This is a collaborative post

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