Holiday Photos

This week we are on our holidays

Every year for Matilda Mae’s birthday

We travel to Coombe Mill Farm

In Cornwall

With a young family

We always try to break the journey into chunks

Often with an overnight

Tilda’s birthday is in May

And our usual stopover is at Longleat on the 303

This year

We have travelled on my birthday

At the end of September

As Edie Mae was born in May

Meaning that we were unable to travel

Travelling at a different time of year

We decided to take the opportunity

To try a different route

From our home in the South East

To Tilda’s river in the South West

This year we have had a two night stay

In Devon

Spending our days in Dorset

In Wimborne and Weymouth

Two Ws

If you turn WW upside down

You get MM

Matilda Mae

I like it when things happen like that


This year I have also found a new way of recording our holiday

Using Insta Stories on Instagram

This is encouraging me to make more videos

And to add snippets of commentary to the films

I am very aware though that Ista Stories

Are not permanent

And realise I am also going to need another way

To document our travels

And the magic moments from our trip

wild and free

I take hundreds of photographs every day

They are all stored on my computer

Often only by date

Sometimes by place, event, occasion

I sometimes collate some photographs

Put them together with music

To make a video

What I very very rarely do

Is take any pictures off my computer

And display them in books

Or in our home

And it is a shame

As some of the moments I capture are very special

And a select few of the photos

I think

Are actually rather good


It would seem that I am not alone

Destination2 discovered that

29 percent of people

Admit to leaving snaps on the computer

Doing nothing with them at all

Only 12.5 percent of holidaymakers

Make the effort to get their photos printed


This holiday

Is Edie Mae’s first holiday

It is also a good time of year for our family

The week between mine and David’s birthday

We are also now a home educating family

So we are going to do a little family project

We are going to make a holiday photo book

A scrapbook

Of our special trip

Cornwall 2017

We will choose a few photos from each day

The children can write the captions

And they can all have a copy for their rooms

I think that will be a lovely thing to do

And might even be a new family tradition

In readiness fir when the children are all a little older

And we travel to more far flung destinations

A log of our travels

Our own adventure stories

To have and to hold in our hands

To share

To remember

For all time

three by the sea

The sand may brush off, the salt may wash clean, the tans may fade, but the memories will last forever

This is a collaborative post

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