Room To Play

Last year we completely renovated the downstairs of our home

We tore down the walls of our 1930s home

Added a small extension

To create a large open living space

We have been back in the house for almost a year now

And though I love it

As we live in it I am finding things I would like to change

The playroom is the area of our downstairs that has the nicest position

With French doors onto the patio and a large picture window overlooking the garden

At the moment it is filled to bursting with too many toys

And I would like to reduce them

And create a clearer space for open ended play

I would also like to add some seating

To make this a more usable family space

Including a bench beneath the picture window

So we can all sit and read or enjoy a drink looking at the garden

playroom storage

The other area I want to change

Is the classroom

We have never used the space as this

In fact all we do is use the ‘room’

As a dumping ground


My idea now as the nights draw in

Is to make the room into a play space for Edie

With a sofa bed for daytime seating and guest sleeping

And beanbags for children to sit low to the ground

Where Edie plays to browse the many many books

Housed in that room

I think I would like to rename them

To refocus my plans

To create a family room

And a reading room (with space for Edie to play)

If money were no object

(I am keeping my eye on the Euromillions lottery results

Here are some of the things I would buy

Family Room

The main thing in this room

Is to reduce the number of toys

Thinking along the lines of

Fewer, better toys

Toys that will last

That are non specific

And so facilitate open ended

Creative play

I want to donate many of our current toys

And gradually buy new

Fewer, better toys

I also want the toys we do have

To be better organised

So that the children can easily find what they want

And put their toys away again

It would also be nice to have a window seat

Here are some of my thoughts

A storage bench to sit beneath the picture window

storage bench

Toys to facilitate open ended play

lotto wobbel board

lotto bajo

lotto grimms 1

lotto grimms 2

lotto grapat

Toy storage baskets and bags

jumbo storage bags

lotto toy storage

Reading Room

This room I want to be warm, snug and comfy

A place to sit and read

A place to watch movies on the big screen

A place to talk together

I would also like to have a bed in here

Where friends and family can stay

Here are some of my dreams

A grey sofa bed from DFS

lotto sofa bed

Beanbags FROM GLTC

lotto gltc bean bag grey

lotto gltc bean bag pink

Carts for books and small toys

lotto book cart bear

lotto book cart

Edie Play Space

I can see this area so clearly

I know exactly what I would buy our last little baby

If I could

Here is my wish list for Edie Mae

Playmat and Play Quilt from Scandiborn

lotto play mat

lotto play quilt

Wooden play arch from Scandiborn

lotto baby gym

Storage basket from Kiddiewinkles

lotto storage basket

Ball Pit

lotto ball pool

I have loved putting this post together

And little by little

I am determined to create these areas

In our home

Perfect places to live, work rest and play

Special places to be

This is a collaborative post

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