Warm and Dry with Jo Jo Maman Bebe

So far this year

Autumn has mostly been warm

But this week the temperatures are set to plummet

And for the first time in Kent

Will see daytime numbers in single figures

Rather than staying indoors

It is time to wrap up warm

And get outside

With four young children

Any days spent solely inside

Do not end well

Even with a large open plan living space

We still find ways to get under one another’s feet

Outside time is critical for a large, young family

In all weathers

We adhere by a famous Alfred Wainwright quote

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”

And so as autumn races on toward winter

We will ensure that we all have suitable clothing

Starting with Bea

The most likely of the four to moan

The most likely of the four to fall

For our beautiful rainbow hurricane

Her outdoor adventures began this season

With Jo Jo Maman Bebe


To ensure she was suitably covered from top to bottom

For all weathers

We went for a coat and waterproof trousers

As Bea is newly potty trained

I did not want anything

All in one

So coat and trousers it was

2017-10-06 09.42.18-1

I chose this reversible coat

Waterproof on one side

Soft fleece on the other

Perfect all weather wear

In a range of bright colours

And funky prints

I chose a large bright floral for Bea

To match her large bright personality

With a firey red fleece

Her favourite colour


The warm waterproof coat is available for children

From 18 months to 6 years old

The coat is lovely and thick

It is also light

So though it keeps Bea warm

It does not restrict her movement

2017-10-20 14.32.56 HDR-3

The cuffs mean that Bea always has her hands free

And no damp or chill goes up her sleeves

2017-11-10 09.44.24-2

Bea loves her coat

It keeps her warm

It keeps her dry

And she looks super cute in it


She wears the coat

All the time

For work

2017-10-06 10.11.43-1

And for play

2017-10-20 14.23.03

To go with the coat

Bea has some post box red

Waterproof trousers

These pull on bottoms

Are super soft

And puddle proof

Perfect for farm duties

Days at the beach

Garden play

And tree climbing

As well as keeping water out

They keep the wind off

And add an extra layer of protection

Should Bea happen to take a tumble


It means it matters not

If she chooses to sit on wet grass

Mess about on the river

In the river

Paddle in the sea

These trousers stop our beautiful Bea

Ruining her clothes in the first five minutes of leaving the house!

They are also going to be perfect play trousers

Should we be lucky enough this winter

To see any snow


Anyone who reads my blog

Will know that I love Jo Jo Maman Bebe

They are my first port of call

For nursing and maternity wear

And now I am trusting them with dressing

With protecting

My little people too

Jo Jo Maman Bebe

Provides great value for money too

The lovely coat costs £39

And in my humble opinion

Is worth every penny

With Jo Jo Maman Bebe voucher codes often available

It becomes even more affordable

The practical trousers

That pack into a bag in the pocket

To carry around

Are £19

And will buy you hours and hours

Of family fun outside

Whatever the weather!

This is a collaborative post

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