Five Last Minute Gifts For Mum

6 sleeps to go

6 sleeps til Christmas Day

All the wrapping done?

What have you bought for Mum?

I think in a busy house

Mum is often the last person to be bought for

If this is the case in your house

Panic not

You still have time

And I have some ideas to share

Here are my ideas

For last minute gifts for Mum

That can still be delivered in time for Christmas Day

Trespass Ski Jacket

I have this jacket in raspberry pink

It is such a fun coat to wear

And it is incredibly warm

Perfect for long days out in the woods with the family

Perfect for adventures and expeditions

And brilliant for playing in the snow

Waterproof and warm

This is a great coat for a mum on the go

trespass coat

Rieker Boots

For the last few weeks I have been testing these walking boots

The black and bronze coloured ankle boots

Can be worn with a fur cuff showing

Or as a mid calf boot secured by poppers

The boots are lined with lambswool

Making them super warm and comfortable

The Tex outer is water resistant

Making these great looking boots

Good for walking

I absolutely love them

And wear them all the time

rieker boots

Why not gift an experience this Christmas?

The View from The Shard and Sparkling Afternoon Tea at Hotel Chocolat for Two

Sounds just perfect to me

Buy a Gift have a wide variety of experience gifts

Something for every mummy!

You can get some great voucher codes for Buy a Gift

To help you buy something really special this Christmas

shard tea

Willow Tree Figurines

Does your Mum collect anything?

I collect Willow Tree figurines

I have done for over 10 years now

I think that they are beautiful

And they all have such lovely meanings

You can buy them from H Samuel

This shop brings back such memories for me

We used to shop there when I was a child

Buying gifts for relatives

And even trinkets for ourselves

H Samuel and Argos

They were a highlight of our festive trips to UK

When we lived in Germany

I wonder whatever happened to all the cheap jewellery I bought myself?

willow star

If you want to buy a Willow Tree figure

Some jewellery or trinkets

There are H Samuel vouchers to be found here

Every little bit of help

Helps at Christmas

A Gratitude Journal

I am determined to rediscover true happiness in 2018

To help me I am going to focus on the little things

The little things that go well each day

I am hoping that by being grateful for the positives

It will help me through the bad times

And make me realise how blessed I am

gratitude journal

I think a journal like this

Would be a wonderful gift for any mother

And Not On The High Street have some beautiful ones

That can still be delivered in time for Christmas

There are some voucher codes for you here

What have you bought for your Mum this year?

This is a collaborative post

2 thoughts on “Five Last Minute Gifts For Mum

  1. Instead of a gratitude journal what about a gratitude jar? We have a big Kilner jar in our kitchen with a pen and a stack of brightly coloured strips of paper next to it. All of us write things we’re grateful for on the paper, fold it up small and pop it in the jar. We love seeing it fill up with rainbow colours – it makes us happy just to look at it knowing each one is a good memory – and when it’s full we read them together and start again. It’s lovely remembering big things like fun days out and the little things like playing together or a beautiful sunset. And it’s a lovely insight into the things that register enough with the kids for them to want to put them in the jar – a great reminder that it’s usually the little things and mostly time and attention not material things.

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