Mother and Baby Gift Sets

Some very special people I know

Are having babies this year

As these new babies get ready to make their way in to the world

I am getting ready to leave the baby days behind

Edie Mae is 8 months old now

And every days sees her taking giant leaps toward becoming a toddler

While I am cherishing every moment and milestone

I can now confidently say that I am ready to leave the baby daze behind me

And truly enjoy all that my older children have to offer

And spread myself more evenly among them

As a mummy with five babies

I feel that I do have some wisdom and knowledge to impart

Some tips and tricks to share

So over the next four months

As I prepare to say bye bye baby days

I am also going to be writing a series of posts for new mummies

And giving away some of my favourite products

Some of the things

If I had my time again

I would not be without

I am also going to share the many products I bought

And never ever used

Today though I just want to share with you some gift sets

On the market

That you might buy for a mummy and baby in your life


Lotions and potions

Oils and bubbles

Things to pamper mummy

To encourage self care

Gifts that facilitate the best gift of all


Gift sets that inspire and aid bonding with baby

Gifts that keep on giving

Gifts perfect for a baby shower

Or when a little one is first born

Gifts worth buying

Gifts for giving with love

My Expert Midwife

This Mum To Be Gift Set

May seem like quite a ‘personal’ gift to buy

But I promise you it will be gratefully received

Perhaps not at first by a very first time mum

Who may be feeling anxious

And may still be blissfully unaware of the wear and tear of birth

But once baby is here the products will all at once make sense

And be used over and over again

Learn more about my thoughts on the products here

And all the My Expert Midwife product info you need here

my expert midwife gift

Love Boo

The Love Boo Ultimate Mummy Kit contains everything mummy needs to pamper herself throughout pregnancy and beyond

A relaxing bath soak

Miracle Oil to massage all over mummy’s body, concentrating on boobs, tummies, hips, thighs and bottoms

This natural oil can also be used for baby massage

Bosom Buddy to sooth and moisturise breasts in pregnancy and while nursing

Body Smoother for boobs, tummies, thighs and anywhere that needs extra moisture

Perineum Oil, use daily from week 34 of pregnancy to help avoid stitches during birth

Magic Balm to soothe and protect breast-feeding nipples daily

This wonderful balm can also be used for lips, cuticles and dry skin

It is also suitable for babies and children’s sore skin and is fab for cradle-cap and wind-swept cheeks

This is a wonderful gift

The ultimate gift

For any mummy or mummy to be

love boo

Kit and Kin

Kit and Kin make wonderful eco friendly nappies for babies

They also make lovely skincare products for babies

And now for mummy too

You can buy a bumper bundle of Kit and Kin

For the special mummy and baby in your life

An essential bundle of safe and effective natural products

That will care and protect for all the family

For mummy Kit and Kin breast balm cools, heals and protects sensitive nipples

The stretch mark oil contains 15 naturally nourishing oils that will keep skin supple and stretch mark free

Calming baby oil

Cleansing body wash

Hydrating bubble bath

Soothing and enriching magic salve

Together will care for mummy and baby’s needs

In a gentle natural way

These products look great in the bathroom too!

kit and kin gift

Neales Yard Remedies

Neales Yard offer an award winning organic gift collection

For mother and baby

This gift set includes

Baby Balm

Mother’s Balm

Pure Baby Oil

Mother’s Massage Oil

Baby Bath & Shampoo

Mother’s Bath Oil and an

Organic Cotton Flannel

The products in the Neales Yard mother and baby range

Have the perfect combination of gentle natural

Wild and organic ingredients to keep delicate skin soft clean and glowing with health

These lovely products would make the perfect present

For a mother and baby

Or mummy to be

neales yard gift

One final thought from me

If you do decide to give one of these sets as a gift

Why not also give your time?

Offer to watch the baby so mummy can have a bath

Offer to play with older children so mummy and baby can bathe together

Often presence is the best of presents

But I reckon offering some self care in a box comes a close second

This is a collaborative post

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