#matildamaegiveaway: Lilly and Sid

Lilly and Sid is our brand

It has been now for five years

It all started with Dressing A Boy

And now all our children wear their clothes

And every time they do

We are complimented on their style

People comment on the way the pieces are coordinated

Making it easy to style siblings

In a same but different fashion

Twisted twinning with Lilly and Sid has become something of an addiction



Every season a range is launched

We love Lilly and Sid a little more

The brand seems to grow

With our family

And the people behind the business

Are always so very lovely to us

I will be very sad next year

When I think Esther will reach the end of the brand’s sizes

I am blessed with three girls (four)

So the stunning pieces can all be handed down

To be lived in and loved all over again

esther hunt

But why do we love Lilly and Sid

As much as we do?

Esther loves the floaty dresses and twirly skirts

They are perfect for dancing, parties and putting on shows

Bea has her own twirly number now

That she adores

What I love about these dresses is that though they are definitely twirly

The styles are not too girly

They are perfect for the rough and tumble of outdoor play

lilly and sid

I love Lilly and Sid’s use of colour

The contrast of block colours and stripes


sibling sid

I love the way Lilly and Sid pieces

Mix patterns and material

All of their clothes are just a little different

From anything else on the market

They mix fun with fashion

Vintage and modern

Bright and bold

Spots and stripes

Florals and frills

Tradition with innovation

Fashion and function

Pretty but practical


lilly and sid

Things work with Lilly and Sid that shouldn’t work

And this gives me courage to try something new

With my own style

Or when accessorising the kids

lilly and sid love

Yellow and pink

Bright patterns

Bold print



With Lilly and Sid

You get something old

Mixed in with the new

Ideas beyond imagination

Ideas that inspire imagination

Perfect for parties and play

Designed to stand the test of time

To be shared with family and friends

Fun fashion for little people

Affordable quality

Clothes designed to be washed and worn

Over and over again



We love the look of Lilly and Sid

But we also love the feel

Specially selected

Super soft


Breathable fabric

Perfect wear for any weather

Lilly and Sid clothes look and feel beautiful

floral stripe

A sharing of spots

A flock of floral

There are so many ways to dress a family

With Lilly and Sid

I think one of my children

Wears at least one item from Lilly and Sid

Every single day

And as often as I can

They will ‘do’ Lilly and Sid together

same but different

So serious so thoughtful so beautiful

sleepy bea

edie sid

Lilly and Sid’s clothes are not the cheapest you can buy

But they are fantastic quality for money

Designed for children

To be worn by children

Doing all that children do

spots and stripes

Lilly and Sid clothes
are play clothes

Party clothes

The perfect clothes

For babies, toddlers and beyond

lilly edie

Great designs

Bright colours

Fun characters

Clever features

I could go on and on

And on and on!!


Lilly and Sid

Reached for the stars

And their ethos

Work ethic

Excellent customer service

And friendly online presence

Mean they were always destined to succeed

And I am very proud to be their brand ambassador

If the name Lilly and Sid is new to you

Do check out their website

And please do come over to my Instagram feed

Where my children are always dressed in Lilly and Sid

And where you can win an item of your choice

From this awesome brand

As part of the #matildamaegiveaway

I am so very proud and honoured that they have agreed to take part

Please do show them some love

In memory of Matilda Mae


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