#matildamaegiveaway: A Snuza For Your Snoozer

When a baby dies

Nothing can ever be the same again

You lose a huge part of yourself

You lose the idea that bad things

Terrible things

Only happen to other people

When you have lived through the horror of SIDS

Your greatest fear is that it will happen again

You do everything in your power

To prevent that from becoming

Even a remote possibility

You obsess about everything linked to the safety of your baby

You become anxious about everything to do with sleep

I hate checking on my children at night

It terrifies me

And I am scared of the dark

I cannot put my babies down

And when I do

I watch them

Like a hawk!

When Bea was born

We were so incredibly happy

But also very nervous about bringing her home

We stayed a night in hospital

So that in the morning

We could go to NICU

For special CPR training

And to be given an apnoea monitor for home

We used it in the hospital and for the first few nights at home

It was huge and heavy

Soon the wires became a hindrance

And the tape used to hold the monitor in place was marking baby’s skin


We decided to buy a Snuza Hero monitor that clipped onto Bea’s nappy

It gently monitored her breathing

It flashed a small light with each movement which was very reassuring especially while she was sleeping

We used the monitor day and night but we also never left her alone

I am certain she had the most watched diaphragm of any newborn baby

Until Edie came along

snuza hero md

With Edie we were sent a Snuza Hero MD to review

The Snuza Hero MD is a portable wearable device from Snuza

The monitor is designed to give parents reassurance and peace of mind

Attaching to baby’s nappy it monitors baby’s breathing

Detecting the slightest of breaths it will alert you if breathing is weak or less than eight breaths per minute

If no breathing is detected for 15 seconds it will vibrate in an effort to rouse your baby to resume breathing

In the event of no breathing for 20 seconds an audible alarm will sound to alert you

vernix baby

The Snuza Monitors are suitable from birth

They clip onto your baby’s nappy

Our babies have never seemed to notice having them on

They do not mark or irritate baby’s skin

The Snuza is super sensitive

Detecting the slightest of breaths

There is an audible alarm after 20 seconds of no breathing

A vibration to alert your baby after 15 seconds of no breathing

The monitor has no cords or wires

It is super safe for snoozers

The Snuza is a comforting companion for anxious parents

We have been really pleased with both Snuza monitors

They have only given a few false alarms

And these have been due to us not attaching the monitor correctly

The Snuza monitors provide peace of mind

And allow David and I to get a little sleep

Please read the website for full details


For your little one

You can try to win one

Over on my Instagram feed

As part of the #matildamaegiveaway

I have given one of our monitors away now

To keep watch over another baby girl

A very special little girl

Due to be born very soon

I cannot recommend this monitor enough

I will be forever grateful for Snuza

And for our snoozers

The girls who lived!

rainbows 2


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