11 Ways To Play With Plastic Eggs

With Easter Weekend over

What do you plan to do with your left over plastic eggs?

Why not try our

11 ways to play with plastic eggs?

Add Water Beads

easter beads

Into the playroom I brought three big bowls.

A clear bowl filled with clear and blue water beads and empty plastic eggs.

An empty blue bowl for William and an empty pink bowl for Esther.

I also gave them each a fishing net and a whisk.

Their first task was to take the water beads from the clear central bowl and fill their coloured bowls in any way they could …


Add Letter Tiles

cvc words

The idea for the game was that Esther and William would take turns to choose an egg

They would open the egg

Look at the letters

Say the letter names and the letter sounds

Try to build a real word

Sound it out, blend the sounds and so read the word they have made

set up

Build Towers

topple tower

Can you build a tower

Without it toppling over?


Match Letters

letter match

I wrote on each egg with permanent marker

A capital letter on one half

A little letter on the other half

The game is to match each capital letter

With the corresponding little or lower case letter

letter match (2)

Go On A Colour Hunt

colour hunt

Give your children a basket or bucket of coloured eggs

Ask them to fill the eggs with things they find in the garden

Things of the same or a similar colour

They can get a point for each thing that they find

Bonus points for perfect matches and harder colours

Like blue!

little and pretty

Add Chocolate Playdough


Perfect post Easter play

Chocolate themed sensory play

Yum Yum!


Paint With Them

get ready

I put different coloured poster paints into different coloured containers

We then matched them as closely as we could with coloured plastic eggs

We used the eggs as our painting tools

esther end product

Egg Hunts

On Easter Sunday we had lots of egg hunts

2018-04-01 08.49.22

I set up a puzzle hunt

Where each egg contained a piece of a puzzle

2018-04-01 08.50.47

The children had to find the eggs

Then work together to finish the picture puzzle

2018-04-01 09.19.35

I also set up a letter hunt

The children worked together

To find the eggs

And solve the Easter anagram

2018-04-01 14.40.25-1

Egg Zip Wire Challenge

This Easter we had great fun testing out

The Science Sparks Easter Zip Wire Stem Challenge

Do have a go

We had a fantastic time

And the children say it was one of their top Easter highlights

zip wire

Bucket and Baskets

This super simple set up

Bucket, baskets and plastic eggs

Has kept Edie and Bea busy for ages

2018-03-31 15.16.59

Egg Bath

At the end of a busy day of egg play

And especially after any messy play

Chuck your eggs and baskets

In the bath with the baby

Perfect Easter water play

2018-03-31 18.11.59-2

For more egg play ideas

To fill your Easter holidays and beyond

Check out our Pinterest board

Edspire loves Egg Play

You will find some eggcellent and eggciting eggtivities there

2018-03-31 18.39.07

That’s all for now yolks

Have fun!

2 thoughts on “11 Ways To Play With Plastic Eggs

  1. Wow, these are amazing ideas! Love the letter treasure hunt. I hate waste and we didn’t have any plastic eggs this year but if ever we do I’m definitely keeping them to do things like this, much better to get some use out of them than send straight to landfill.

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