Perfectly Padded Playmat from Jaycee Baby: A Review

Edie is our fifth and final baby

Because of that she is the queen of hand me downs

2018-04-09 15.53.09-2

With four siblings before her

We really do have all the baby paraphernalia we need

And more

The only things that David will allow through the door

Have to be things that will last beyond the baby daze

Things that are practical and make life better for all the family

And things that are of good enough quality that we can pass them on

To our own friends and family

Or to local organisations and families in need

I made a decision when I started reviewing products on my blog

7 years ago

Never to sell them on

And always to give things to people who really need them

For the last few weeks we have been testing out

The perfectly padded baby playmat from Jaycee Baby

playmat time

This is a stunning

Extra large playmat

Packed with fun and practical features

Not only for baby

But also for toddlers and beyond


This clever double sided mat

Is perfect for playtime

For all the family

family playmat

The Perfectly Padded Playmat is large


It is 100 x 150cm

We have replaced our lounge rug

With the Jaycee Baby mat

play rug

Our house has solid oak flooring

And every room has underfloor heating

Except for the lounge

So in this room

The 5cm thick foam padding is perfect

Not only does it protect baby from small tumbles

It also keeps the children warm as they play

And they all love to sit or lie on it to read and watch TV

tv playmat

The playmat is also super for snack time

The water resistant cover makes mopping up spills effortless

There are so many reasons why the Jaycee Baby playmat

Has been such a welcome addition to our home

As well as it’s carefully designed functionality

The mat looks good while still providing the sensory stimulation

And imaginative interactivity that babies and toddlers need

toddler playmat

The Perfectly Padded Playmat is double-sided

And comes with a detachable plastic sheet for feeding and messy play

Every detail has clearly been well thought out

By an experienced parent

Who knows what families need

family mat for play

The water resistancy of the material

Means it is easy to mop up dribbles and spills

To keep the mat clean and hygienic

With four children running and crawling round

I am hot on hygiene

As if a bug strikes four children

It is basically hell on earth!

I love that this mat is so easy to clean quickly

And for a deep clean

You can zip the covers off and wash them in the machine

Bye Bye Bugs!

baby play for toddler

The detachable plastic sheet is a clever addition

It can be used on either surface of the mat

You can use it for feeding, painting, colouring, playdough and much more!

It also adds an extra waterproof layer

For using out in the garden on damp grass

Or by the paddling pool

Summer IS coming!


The mat folds up for storage

Though when folded it is still large and heavy

This is not a mat you would pop in the car to take to Granny’s

In my opinion it is for your own home and garden use

Which with an RRP of £125 may make it seem a little expensive

But the quality is excellent

The design both innovative and intuitive

And this playmat will last well beyond the baby years

Making it excellent value for money I think

My almost 8 year olds use it for practising handstands and forwards rolls!

I use it for floor exercises when following a workout DVD

It is definitely a family investment

That you will find new uses for everyday

playmat hugs

The mat has two sides

Let me first tell you about the baby side

The Baby Side

The baby side is the softer side of the 5cm thick mat

Perfect for tummy time and learning to roll over

Also super soft for a sibling snuggle

This side is primed for play

With bright colours

Contrasting patterns

And lots of different textures and sounds to explore

All perfect for sensory play

For new babies and beyond


The black and white pictures and patterns are perfect for newborns

There is a large mirror hidden behind crinkle doors

Perfect for peekaboo and for baby to give themselves lovely dribbly kisses

To wave at themselves and giggle

This is Edie’s favourite thing to do

The girl loves a mirror!

mirror mat

The mat houses black and white squeaky balls

A butterfly plushy with crinkly wings and numerous textures

A shiny spiral thread on the snail’s shell

A colourful elephant’s tail to find and pull

Smooth bubbles to explore

Different flower petal textures to feel

And a super cute soft owl with a textured beak

So many ways to play and features to explore

The Toddler Side

The toddler side is the firmer side

It is perfect for learning to crawl and walk

Soft enough to cushion any falls

When learning to stand!

This diagram shows how the padding of the mat is made up


The toddler side is an island map design

It has road and railway

And a sea to sail boats

The landmarks are labelled

To support early learning

And to help young toddlers to discover new objects and words

playing together

This side of the mat has been designed to encourage conversation

Inspire imaginative adventure

Scaffold storytelling

And promote play

rainbow playmat

All my children

11 months to 7 years

Get something from this playmat

And the luxury of such a large size

Is that they can all play together

Sit and lie together

With a little room to spare!

large playmat

I could go on and on and on

About this playmat from Jaycee Baby

And all its fantastic features

But you do not need to only take my word for it

Have a read of these rave reviews

Emily and Indiana

Minime and Luxury

A Mum Reviews

Lily’s Little Learners

I think the Jaycee Perfectly Padded Playmat

Would make a great gift for a new baby

And a perfect present for a first birthday

A gift that will keep on giving

That will provide fun for all the family

family playmat

If you would like to win a Jaycee Baby playmat of your very own

Then keep an eye on my Instagram feed today

For a chance to do just that

For another chance to win you can enter The Frenchie Mummy’s giveaway

And Jaycee Baby are also offering a discount code right here


We were sent one Jaycee Baby Playmat for the purpose of this review

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