Spring Sensory Play: Flower Cutting Tray

We have been exploring lots of gardens this past fortnight

Some traditional

Some tropical

All colourful



All designed for pleasure

For adventure

To give joy

Our children have loved roaming the jungle of Heligan

The water garden at Trebah

The biomes of Eden

We have loved learning about flowers and trees

We have enjoyed their make up and beauty

It has made me determined to get out and about more

In our home county of Kent

To study nature

Be amazed at the incredible way it thrives and grows

And to simply enjoy its beauty

Seeing all these giants of the garden world

Has made me long for our own country garden

To be home with our beautiful blooms in Tilda’s garden

And the more natural wild ramblings of our back garden

We are very lucky to live where we live

And have what we have

It reminded me

Of a sensory play

I set up for the children last month

Using some of the fading flowers from our gardens

I lay them out on a wicker tray

With some scissors

To create a simple flower cutting tray

flower cutting tray

I was interested to see how the children would choose to play

Without any direction from me

I had an ulterior motive with this invitation to play

Which was to allow Bea to develop her scissor skills

left handed bea

She is left handed and so finds cutting quite tricky

This was a safe and creative way to encourage Bea

To give snipping with scissors a go

scissor skills

She and Esther were both really keen to start cutting

At first the just cut the flowers off the stems

Then they started trimming leaves

Splitting stems

Pruning petals

And being a little more particular and precise

petal plucking

It was fascinating to watch

They started out playing individually

But soon started talking and playing together

flower tray play

They talked about shape and size and colour

They named the flowers that they knew

They started to sort and arrange the flowers

Creating posies and small bouquets

busy flower play

They identified the parts of the flowers

Grouped stems and petals and leaves

They told each other their favourites

And picked the prettiest blooms

To wear in their hair

flowers in their hair

It was not long before a curious Edie came to join us

Choosing her own flowers from the tray

Picking apart the petals

Stroking the stems

Looking closely at these interesting, colourful things

baby play flower tray

This is such a wonderful sensory activity for all ages

With lots of educational and developmental benefits

flower tray together

As children pick and play with flowers

They learn their names

How they smell

How they feel

And sometimes even how they taste!

baby nature play

This is a wonderful sensory experience

And can be made different each time you play

Add herbs with strong scents

Flowers with thick and thin stems

Dark and light leaves

splitting stems

There is so much in flowers to be investigated and explored

I am going to be extending this learning through play

Over the coming weeks

flower power play

We are going to turn our role play corner into a flower shop

We are going to make perfume in our water table

Make floral soup in the mud kitchen

7 sparkly soup

Press flowers

Make a fairy garden

And lots more

flower water 1

We love adding flowers to our water play

It makes the water pretty

And adds an extra imaginative element to our sensory play

flower fairy fun

We are looking forward to freezing some flowers in ice cubes

To add to our water play this weekend

sensory play flowers

So many ways to play with spring flowers

To help children understand the awe and wonder of nature

In a fun and creative way

happy flower

How will you play with the flowers in your garden

This springtime?

flower cutting tray

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