Five For A First: Puzzle Blocks

We love puzzles in our house

Bea loves jigsaws

Esther loves scavenger hunts

William love word play, jokes and riddles

Edie loves blocks

At almost 13 months

She is at an age

Where she is starting to stack blocks

As well as knock them down

She also recognises familiar pictures

So puzzle blocks are perfect for her

And they are a toy that will grow with her

Here are five of our favourite

Block Puzzles

From some of our favourite brands

Hape Jungle Animal Block Puzzle

hape blocks

The six different sides of this puzzle

Make a lion, elephant, giraffe, zebra, crocodile and curious monkey

Perfect for introducing young toddlers

To the names and features of different jungle animals

The wooden blocks are painted in bold colours and simple designs

A beautiful and educational gift idea

For a first birthday and beyond

hape jungle block puzzle

Djeco Nature and Co Wooden Blocs

I really love the look of these

I love the muted colours

The polished wooden blocks

The puzzle blocks can be used to make six different pictures

A squirrel, snail, duck, bird, rabbit and frog!


Children can have fun with these bricks

Creating new made up animals

Block play helps develop your child’s manual dexterity

As well as making them think creatively and outside the box

We love block play

And all the more when combined with puzzles!

Janod Forest Blocks

We love Janod

And these blocks are truly beautiful

The kind of toy you want for your baby

But also covet for yourself

They would look lovely out on display

As all Janod toys do

With these blocks you can

Make a fox

Match up an owl

Or create a rabbit

Raccoon, bear or reindeer

Little ones can also mix things up

And make their own imaginary animals

I know that my older children would have great fun doing this

Would yours?


Djeco Colour Animal Blocks

These sturdy cardboard blocks

Offer so many ways to play

Little ones can discover 16 colourful animals

By turning and stacking the puzzle blocks in the correct order

Match heads, bodies and legs

Or mix and match the cubes to create your own funny looking creatures

Using these colourful blocks children can make farm, safari, arctic and woodland animals

At under £15 these are great value for money

And an affordable gift for a first birthday

djeco-colour-animal-blocks (1)

Wee Gallery Art Blocks

2018-03-20 14.14.39

Wee Gallery have created this set of beautiful monochrome art blocks

These high-contrast monochrome blocks appeal to babies and children

2018-03-20 14.09.48

Babies will be mesmerised by the images

And children will love playing and creating the six different scenes

2018-03-20 14.19.40

Made from sturdy cardboard

They are made to last

Chew proof

And dribble proof

2018-03-20 14.22.09-1

My children aged 1 to 8

Have all enjoyed playing with these

And when not being played with

They are on display in our lounge

2018-03-20 14.12.58

2018-03-20 14.19.15

2018-03-20 14.19.53

We love all these puzzle blocks

Each offering lots of creative ways to play

Which would you choose for your little one?

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