Coming Soon: The Star Seekers at The National Theatre

On Friday we had a very special invitation

To a preview performance of The Star Seekers

A play for children

Coming to The National Theatre this summer

national theatre

This interactive family show

Is going to be brilliant

It is funny and educational

It combines space with singing, music and rhyme

The production is imaginative and innovative

We all adored it!

Esther, William and Bea were very excited

When arriving at the show

They were seated at the front of the audience

On mats with lots of other children

No grown ups allowed!

They were ready to join in with the show

As much as possible

Before the play began

One of the actors came out and spoke to the children

About space and planets

William was in his absolute element

Answering questions

Sharing facts

I was really proud of him

And the actor was impressed with the extent of his knowledge

After the space questions

It was time for the show to launch

The fast paced theatre was fully immersive

The children were engaged and involved from the start

The theatre was very physical

And involved lots of repeated actions

For the children to join in with

Esther and William, almost 8

And Bea aged 3

Joined in with everything

Every movement

Every repeated refrain

They were totally locked in

The Star Seekers has three characters

Alph, Betty and Gammo

These astronauts are sent on a space mission

By their boss, Doctor Doctor

They have to travel beyond our solar system

To find three glowing orbs

On their mission

They also discover new planets

The children are asked to help come up with ideas for the planets

What are they made of?

What grows on them?

Who lives on them?

What they could be called

With the children’s ideas

Alph made up a song about the planets

It was very clever and very funny

And reminded me of watching

Who’s Line Is It Anyway?

It also reminded me very much

Of doing A’level Theatre Studies

And working on improvisation projects

It also reminded me of some of the best nights out I have ever had

That involved drinking and drama students and improvisation

This show has something to offer everyone

I laughed a lot while watching this show

And my children did too


There was also one part that Bea found rather scary

When a black hole tried to eat The Star Seekers

The children

Bea screamed do loud and literally ran away from the performance

She very quickly recovered though

And was back to joining in with the best of them

This show has made a huge impression on my children

Today they have been acting out the show

They remember all the words

They remember the format of the show

They remember the actions

I loved listening to them today

Pretending to float around in zero gravity

Putting on their space helmet

And preparing to go into hyper drive

They were searching the playroom for glowing orbs

As their play developed they changed from being Star Seekers

To Moon Seekers

I love how fired up they are from seeing this performance

We are really hoping to be able to go again

To see the show in August

star seekers launch

On Friday we watched the show in the rehearsal studio

We are all keen to see how the show transfers to the theatre

And I know the children are keen to try the workshops

That are accompanying the show this summer

Family workshops
Visit the NT space station one hour before every performance to take part in free family activities, or book for a family workshop to take your space adventure out of this world.

Meet The Star Seekers: Post-show Q&A, 14, 20 and 30 Aug 12.30-1pm
The Star Seekers: Create your own Story, 1-2.30pm, £5/£3
The Star Seekers: Create your own Music, 4-5pm, £5/£3

We are also going to be doing our own science project

Inspired by the show

Using this wonderful book from Science Sparks


This is why I love home education

Because I can focus our learning

On whatever captures the children’s hearts and imaginations

The Star Seekers has done just that

We think the production is out of this world

And would encourage everyone to get to The National Theatre this summer to see it

But save some seats for us!

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