Preschool Play: Ice Ice Fairy

The last few weeks have been so hot

That we have been enjoying daily water play

And on the hottest days we have been adding ice

We freed frozen dinosaurs

And also rescued fairies stuck in ice

fairy ice

To let them play in water scented with mint and rosemary

rosemary ice

Decorated with daisies


Esther, Bea and Edie played with this set up

For a whole morning

ice fairy

ice ice fairy

2018-07-09 14.04.54

Melting and breaking the ice to set the fairies free

Was a huge task for them

fairy freeing

They worked together

free fairies

Trying different ways to attack the ice

ice attack

Pouring water on it

pour on water

Submerging it

submerging fairies

Chopping it with a knife

knife ice attack

They worked alongside one another


To set the fairies free

set the fairies free

It was such a joy

To watch three sisters play together

They get along so well

Which always makes my heart swell

sisters at play

Once the fairies were free

And the rosemary and mint ice had melted too

The girls played for ages with their fairies

In the scented water

scented water play

They picked daisies to make beds, pillows and blankets

2018-07-09 14.14.20

And shiny green leaves for boats

leaf boats

I added some reusable ice cubes in pastel colours

To give the water play more of a fairy feel

They loved playing with the ice cubes

And it added another visual and tactile element to their play

edie water play

Edie especially liked the ice cubes

And pouring the cool water

This 14 month old LOVES her water play

edie ice play

The girls created little areas for their fairies to live in

2018-07-09 14.47.52

They created homes and beds

2018-07-09 14.14.16

They told stories of their magical fairy lives

2018-07-09 14.15.19

It is always an honour to watch children play

And listen to their imaginings unfold

2018-07-09 14.14.04

Esther was the main storyteller

2018-07-09 14.15.13

Bea the chief decorator

2018-07-09 14.18.53

And Edie the sensory explorer

2018-07-09 14.20.27

All three had a wonderful time

Using their senses to explore, create and play

2018-07-09 14.08.09

Keeping cool with our Ice Ice Fairy play

ice ice fairy play

On a hot hot heatwave day

2018-07-09 14.03.39

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