Active Kids: Wobbly Worm Review

We have been making the most of the recent good weather

To play out in the garden with our friends

We have been in the paddling pool mostly

But also trying out some new toys and games

Including Wobbly Worm


A modern day spin on Hoopla

From Spin Master Toys

This battery powered wobbly worm

Wobbles around on half an apple

While children try to place or throw hoops over it’s head

Hoopla Hurrah!

wobbly worm 1

Wobbly Worm is a fantastic family game

That can be played by up to 3 people at a time


My children aged one to almost eight

All love this game

And our friends have loved it too


It is an easy game to play

It can be set up at different heights

And there are different rules

For players of different ages and abilities


Children can stand near and try to place the rings

Or stand further away and try to throw the rings


You can also switch it up

And make up your own rules

To suit your players


The main thing is that this is a fun way

To get kids moving


Using their minds and their bodies

Developing hand eye coordination

While refining their gross motor skills

All the while smiling and laughing

And having wiggly, giggly, wobbly fun


Wobbly Worm is a great game

It can be used inside as well as out

It is perfect for playdates

And as it packs up small

It is great for taking on holiday too


I think our worm will be making an appearance

At our children’s birthday parties in the next few weeks

This is a silly game

Full of fun

Developing skills

Encouraging kids to engage in active play


What is not to love about this family game

That can grow with your child’s age and ability

Wobbly Worm is a win win

And at under £20 it is great value for money too

‘Tis a wonder worm!

wonder worm

We were sent one Wobbly Worm for the purpose of this review

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