My Barefoot Babies: Dotty Fish

You learn a lot when you’re barefoot. The first thing is every step you take is different. Michael Franti
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We are a barefoot family

Whenever and wherever possible

You will find us all sans shoes

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Edie has been walking for about a month now

And most days I forget to take shoes out for her

Most of the time it is fine for our children to play with their feet bare

But sometimes they need something to cover their soles

This is when we turn to barefoot shoes

We have three brands that we turn to

Time and time again

Dotty Fish




This week I am going to tell you about each of them in turn

And share with you some of our favourite styles from each brand

As well as sharing why we are barefoot believers

dotty fish

My children wear barefoot shoes

Wide fitting shoes

That do not restrict movement and growth

dotty fish shoes

Shoes that have softer soles

To allow a more natural gait

Give sensory feedback from the ground

And enable their feet to develop as they should

Without restriction

fishy dot

I have horrible bunions on my feet

These are partly hereditary I understand

And exacerbated by my ill fitting 80s shoes

I have photos of me in school shoes with pointed toes

These shoes combined with genetics

Mean as an adult I have painful deformed feet

This could have been avoided

And I am doing everything I can

To make sure that my children do not follow in my footsteps

dot dot fish

They all wear barefoot shoes

For every occasion

So that there feet are free to move and grow as nature intended

Not be confined and constrained by shoes

dotty fish silver

Dotty Fish shoes are made of soft, natural leather

A slip resistant suede sole means that the soft soled shoes allow little toes to grip on the floor

daddy shoes

Having a shoe that is light and very flexible makes learning to walk that much easier

Dotty Fish shoes use breathable leather which keeps feet cool in the summer and warm in winter

hot feet

Dotty Fish shoes are podiatry tested

And they are affordable

Babies and toddlers grow fast

Buying shoes for tiny feet can be big business

Dotty Fish keep their shoes under £10 a pair

Which means that you can afford to buy more than one pair

And you can afford to buy new sizes every six months as required

baby shoes

The shoes though low cost

Are still high quality

The shoes are soft

They are waterproof

Weather proof

And they stay on little one’s feet

This is made possible by the elasticated ankle

Which also makes the shoes easy to get on and off

stretchy shoes

Edie loves shoes

And will often bring them to me

And demand I put them on

Edie has a few pairs of shoes now

Including some white flower sandals

And silver T-bar shoes from Dotty Fish

She definitely has an eye for sparkle and shine!

pretty shoes

When not roaming around unshod

You will often find Edie tottering and toddling

In Dotty Fish

Leather barefoot shoes

barefoot girl

I’m actually a barefoot girl. Elle King
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We were sent two pairs of shoes for the purpose of this review

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