Autumn Colours For Your Home

We have been spending lots of time in the woods recently

And it is clear to see that Autumn is coming

The leaves are turning

And the hedgerows are bursting with blackberry goodness

I love Autumn

I love all that the season brings

And I especially love the colours

Perhaps because I am September born

We had our beautiful September sunflower wedding

Perhaps it is the dark evenings

Stories by the fireside

Halloween, fireworks

The promises of the festive season

Yet to come

Perhaps it is the beauty of nature

As the leaves turn and fall

In all their glorious colour

I love the colours of autumn

Gold and Yellow

Red and Brown

I love the way the light changes

And there is a nip in the air in the mornings

Autumn is without doubt my favourite season

And I am looking forward to making some seasonal changes to our home

As I use the hues of the autumn

To make our house more homely as the nights draw in

Our beautiful mustard rug will return to the living room

With some cushions and throws for the sofas

Tealights and lamps will light our evening reading

And canvases and photographs will adorn our walls

Here is a sneak peek at some of the bits I have my eye on

Autumn Pictures For The Wall

autumn picture

autumn canvas

A Candle for Tilda

family candle

Autumn Coloured Cushions

knit cushions

Mustard Throws

mustrd throws

I love mustard yellow

I love to wear it

And have it in our home

According to Julian Charles

This makes me a creative perfectionist

I think some people would say that analysis is spot on

I am creative

And I do like things to be perfect

I am always aiming for perfect

Even when I know it is not realistic

It also says that if you like yellow

You always see the positive in everyone

(Not sure this is true about me at all)

But what is true

And I get told all the time

Is that I do not get give myself any credit for the good bits about me

Julian Charles says that blue complements yellow

And this is good because our lounge is made up

Of blues and yellows


In our bedroom for Autumn

I want to add some greens and blues and pinks

I have found this beautiful set in Next

And it is called Tilly

For our Matilda Mae

tilly bedset

I think it is really beautiful

And can imagine snuggling in it on a cold night

With a good book

And many little listeners!!

According to Julian Charles

This a peaceful colour

Choosing it suggests I am calm and patient

I am hoping it might inspire me to be so

Do you like to change your home colours

To suit the season?

Why not try to style your home

To suit your personality instead?

Julian Charles has some great ideas

On how to colour your personality

How to style your home in shades that suit you

From the the bedroom to the living room

And which colours complement each other

You can read the full ebook here

I’d love to know if it inspires you

And gives you some ideas

This is a collaborative post

One thought on “Autumn Colours For Your Home

  1. Autumn is my favourite season too! The summer decor is being packed away tomorrow and the autumn decor will be out very soon. It’s cosy and colourful and makes my heart sing; the addition of fairy lights, candles and watching the trees and shrubs turn colour makes me feel so full of contentment and yes, the anticipation of Halloween and Christmas too, plus we have three birthdays in the autumn too.
    Enjoy, Jennie. xxx

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