The Gruffalo Story Basket

After our recent Gruffalo Hunting expeditions

Edie has a new favourite story

She LOVES The Gruffalo

And can now identify all the animals in the book

Including butterfly, dragonfly, kingfisher and woodpecker

fox 2

Edie loves to listen along to the first half of the story

Then she likes to go back to the beginning of the book

To spot the different animals

While she loves The Gruffalo

I think she is also a little scared of him

Him and his child!

gruffalos child edie

When Edie likes a story

She likes to hear it over and over again

To help her understanding of new vocabulary

And to get to know the characters in a book

I like to create story baskets

To encourage book inspired play

On our Gruffalo hunt

We collected pinecones from the forest floor

To put into Edie’s Gruffalo basket

pinecone floor

On top of the pinecones

I placed some Gruffalo’s Child finger puppets

Snake, Owl, Mouse, Fox

And The Gruffalo’s Child

gruffalo puppets

I also added extra owls

So that we can tell other autumn stories

gruffalo play

And an extra snake!

I also added our gorgeous wooden Gruffalo

And wooden Mouse

Both by Bajo at Babipur

bajo gruffalo

Edie loves looking at all the toys

She takes them out one by one and gets me to name them

2018-08-25 17.30.57-1

She holds her Gruffalo while I read the story

And we find all his features as they are listed in the book

2018-08-25 17.31.57-1

Edie has started to spend more and more time engaged in imaginative play

And she does try to make the characters speak to each other

2018-08-25 17.32.22

I could honestly watch her play all day

grufallo playtime

The Gruffalo is one of those stories

That has been loved by all our children

And it is wonderful to be enjoying it all over again with Edie

This simple book basket is a great way to bring the story to life

And to involve the whole family in storytelling

And acting out scenes from the book

gruffalo basket

I am looking forward to the nights drawing in now

And us all enjoying The Gruffalo together by the fire

And sharing our other favourite autumn and forest tales

story basket gruffalo

What is your favourite book for autumn?

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