Books at Bedtime: Fun On The Farm

We love a day on the farm

We are very lucky to have two farm park

In close driving distance

The Rarebreeds Centre


Kent Life

We spend more time at Rarebreeds as we are members there

But we are very much enjoying the living history element

Of Kent Life at the moment

Whenever we go to any farm

We always take farm themed books and toys with us

And we are sure to have extra farm books at bedtime

We have A LOT of books that are set on a farm

Here are five of our favourites

These are enjoyed by the whole family

But read mostly at the moment to Bea

Who has just turned four

Farmer Duck
This is a great story for reading out loud

It has a good moral and a lot of humour

It is great story for thinking about teamwork and friendship

A lazy and fat farmer spends all day in bed

Eating chocolates and reading the newspaper

While his poor duck has to do all the work on the farm

One evening, the exhausted duck collapses in tears

The farm animals are very fond of the duck

And outraged by the farmer’s behaviour

So together they hatch a plan

With young children this story is great for linking animals and animal sounds

It is also great for introducing onomatopoeia

The book lends itself to drama and roleplay

The repetitive text also make readers’ theatre fun

You can have discussions about fairness

So much potential for art and imaginative play

A great classic picture book

Enjoyed by children of all ages


Click Clack Moo Cows That Type

This is one of my favourite books

It was introduced to me by Teresa Cremin

And I have used it so many times as a teacher

In upper key stage two

But as with all good picture books

It works on multiple levels for all ages

This is a fun and very clever book

Farmer Brown has a problem

His cows like to type

All day long he hears

Click Clack Moo

Click Clack Moo

But Farmer Brown’s problems

REALLY begin

When his cows start leaving him notes!

This is such a great book for inspiring children to write

What are the cows typing?

What should the farmer write back to the cows?

What will the ducks write now that they have the typewriter?

It is also another great way to start looking at onomatopoeia

In a fun way

You can also use this book as a creative starting point

For learning about collective nouns

This is a such fun aspect of our language to teach!

A great book to read aloud!


Goose on the Farm

This is a lovely book

About visiting a farm

It can be used before a visit

And / or after

To prepare

To compare and contrast

We love the Goose books

Written and illustrated by Laura Wall

Easy reads for bedtime

With cute illustrations

Goose is one of Edie’s favourite book characters

And we read his stories over and over again


Cluck O’Clock

Ever wondered what chickens get up to all day on the farm?

This book tells you everything you want to know

A detailed timeline

A day in the life of a chicken

The book gives times



This is a great book

To read with children who are learning to tell time

They can have clocks and make the times as they come up in the story

More able children can track the passing durations of time

This is great story to inspire children

To make a timetable of their own day

And a great book for introducing the idea of a story map

Lots of potential in these pages for learning and play

This is also just a delightful story for reading out loud

And enjoying with your little people


Going To Sleep On The Farm

This is such a beautiful book

A little boy is packing away his toy farm

With his Dad

And he asks how and where all the animals sleep

By the end of the story

All the animals are away

And it is time for the little boy to sleep too

Such a simple idea

And works so well as the end to a busy day

The illustrations are gorgeous

Full of colour and detail

And full of feeling

This is a book that makes you want to snuggle up close

And hold your little ones longer before kissing them goodnight


These are just a handful of our harvest of farm stories

What is your favourite story set on a farm?

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