One Week In Italy: Packing Our Case

So we are off to Italy

The Italian Lakes

Lake Maggiore

In collaboration with Bookings For You

We are a family of six

Two adults

Eight year old twins

A four year old

And a 17 month old

large family

This is what I am packing

For all of us

For our week away

One outfit a day each
Dresses, shorts, tops, underwear, socks


Edie blanket

One waterproof coat each

Puddlesuit for toddler

Wellies and trainers for all

One warm jumper / hoodie each

A bag for day trips

Swimwear for all

Swim nappies

Beach towels

Picnic blanket

My laptop and charger

(A blogger / home educator never rests!


Vitamins for all

Books for bedtime
Picture books linked to Italy, linked to lakes and rivers and stars

italy 1



Plug adaptors

Small toys

Puzzles and games

Watercolour paints and paper

Italy project work

Maths books

Water bottles

Drink cup for Edie





Non Bio washing machine tabs


EHIC cards

Children’s red books

Travel Insurance documents

I think that is it

A lot of stuff we are taking with us on the plane

With our suitcase we will check in

Edie’s carseat and

Our off roader buggy

We have thought a lot about what to do about a buggy

We have decided to take our big one

As Edie often sleeps in it during the day

It is great for taking lots of stuff out and about

And Bea can have a rest in it too

Because we are taking a car seat anyway

It will hopefully not add too much time and effort at the airport

So tomorrow

I will throw all this lot in our case

Is there anything obvious I have forgotten?

Do please give me a shout if there is!

2 thoughts on “One Week In Italy: Packing Our Case

  1. Not sure I’ve read these on your list. Apologies if they’re on there somewhere.
    Insect repellent
    First aid kit: bite cream, plasters etc etc
    Something for: stomach upsets – adults and children; adult headaches
    After sun cream, just in case
    Antiseptic handgel/wetwipes

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