Gifts For My Family From

It is now the middle of November

And I have at last begun my Christmas shopping

With the weather still so warm

It has been very hard to focus on the festive season

I am also finding gift ideas a struggle this year

We do not have very much money

We do not have very much time

And even for my own children

I am totally lacking in inspiration

When contacted me

And asked me to consider their products and services

As Christmas gift ideas

I have lost lots of time since

Browsing their website

Planning all the fantastic things

I could buy for my friends and family

Using one of my most favourite things

The thousands of photos I take

Each and every day

Here are some of the best gift ideas has to offer in 2018


The perfect gift for grandparents

A great present for siblings

Capture a moment

A memory

To treasure for always

I have had a 30 x 40 canvas made with

I chose to do something I very rarely do

Which is share a photo of my four living children

my picture 3

Seeing the four of them together without Tilda

Is something that I find hard

But the photo that I chose for the canvas

Was taken during our recent trip to Italy

With Bookings For You

It was on our last day

And we were messing about taking fun photos

This one in front of a beautiful big house

With an ornate gate

Reminded me of The Von Trapp children

From one of my most loved musicals

The Sound of Music

my picture 2

It is not a perfect picture

But I love it with all my heart

And it already has a place on the wall of our home

Between a large world map and our clocks

To remind us that time is precious

And the world is ours to protect and explore

my picture 1

We are all living

Living for Tilda

Adventure Awaits!

I am so pleased with the quality of the canvas printing

It is a wrap around canvas

And the image is clear and bright

30cm x 40cm is a perfect size

To be part of our busy wall

I am going to really enjoy looking at this picture

And dreaming of future travels and adventures

In the name of Matilda Mae

As well as the product being excellent quality

The service from has also been excellent

The website is easy to use

The delivery is fast

The packaging is enough to protect the purchase but not excessive

I have been one hundred percent happy

With all my dealings with

And though this canvas was gifted

As part of this sponsored review

I will be ordering more products from

And am happy to recommend that you do too

And I have a discount link for you to use

Giving up to 80% off a range of products:

In the run up to Christmas

Here are some of my favourite photo based gift ideas

We have already covered the canvas!


I think this is a good idea

For special occasion photos

A wedding portrait

Baby bump shoot



Great little personalised gifts for teachers and tutors

Great to buy for friends

The photo can be of a special place

Or even your child’s artwork

Fill the mug with marshmallows and a hot chocolate stirring stick

And you have a fabulous festive gift


For Mummy or Daddy to take to work

For extended family far away

Send a fun photo

To brighten their day

Every day

Not just the Christmas one!


I love this idea

I love the idea of the grain of the wood showing through the photograph

I think this is the option I would choose for David

And the picture would be of Ullswater

ullswater paddlers

Or the sea

three by the sea

I have tens of thousands of photos

Digitally stored away

I am going to start printing them

And decorating the house with them

It is time

Time to come from out of the laptop

And adorn the walls!


This is a sponsored post

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