Festive Forecast: Christmas Stackers

In our house

We love a good stacker

Stacking toys are brilliant

For children of all ages

They come in all shapes, sizes and materials

And often have multiple uses

Our stacker collection is used by children

Aged 1 to 8

And they are used all the time

The stackers in our home are mostly wooden

Or made of sturdy cardboard

I would like to share with you some of our favourites

In case there is a little one in your home

That might like a stacker in their stocking this Christmas time


This is a beautiful toy

The large wooden squirrel

Comes with a cloth bag filled with wooden acorns

janod squirrel

The idea is to balance the acorns

On top of the squirrel

You can stand the squirrel on a flat surface

Or upon the wooden wobble board

As an extra challenge

squirrel janod

The pieces are chunky

So safe for the littlest of hands

This is a great toy for developing fine motor skills

As well as practising counting

Colour recognition and hand eye co-ordination

janod squirrel stacker

It is great fun to play alone

Or with friends


This fox stacker from Janod

Is a traditional toy

With coloured wooden rings for children

To stack on to a wooden pole

janod fox

The fox head on this stacker is so pretty

Edie loves playing with it

And it is such a pretty toy to have out on display

janod fox stacker


This is a lovely toy

Bright and colourful with beautiful patterns

hape train

This train has an air of magic about it

A perfect fairy tale train!

hape train fantasia

This Hape train is great for learning colours

It is fantastic for grouping, sorting and counting

As well as developing fine motor skills

hape train play

It has a lot of early educational value

It sparks the imagination

And is lots of fun

hape train fun

A fabulous addition to small world play

And again looks so pretty when out on display

hape play train



Age 8

Loves these stacking acrobats

He loves making different shapes and routines with them

bajo acrobats


The balancing tree from Plan Toys is truly beautiful

It is a versatile toy that my oldest children come back to

Time and time again

They take great care building and balancing their tree

Then carefully placing the birds on the branches

plan tree

This is a great toy for learning patience and perseverance

It is perfect for developing fine motor skills

You need a steady and controlled hand

tree plan toys

This toy is also good for imaginative play and storytelling

Esther loves to act out stories with the little wooden birds

A wonderful gift that keeps on giving

So many creative ways to play

plan toys tree


The Plan Toys game is beautifully made from painted wood

The colours are brigh

There are six hives and six matching bees

The game also comes with tweezers or tongs

This is a game that can be played in many ways

By children of different ages and abilities

Learning different concepts and skills


Bee Hives is great for colour identifcation and colour matching

Children can use their fingers to move the bees

Before they are ready to try and manipulate the tongs or tweezers

It is great for developing concentration and the pincer grip

When using the tongs to place bees in the correctly coloured hive

Using the tweezers builds the muscles and movements needed in the fingers for writing

So this is a great pre writing activity

pom pom nests

The hives can be stacked in a number of arrangements

Making it more difficult to place and remove the bees from the hives

You can arrange the hives on a flat surface or build them up like a tower

It is a great way of introducing tessellation to small children

The stacking also allows for creative thought as you find as many different ways to stack the hives as possible

While still being able to place a bee in each one.

The bees and hives can be used for a memory game

Under which hive is the blue bee?

What colour hive is hiding the red bee?

They can also be used for a speed game

Who can put all the bees into the right hives with the tweezers in the quickest time?

So many wonderful ways to play

Have a look at little Bea playing with our bees


We have owned this game for four years

And it is played all the time

It is great for resilience and thinking skills

Problem solving

And as with all stackers

Great for the development of those vital fine motor skills

goki moon

This is a beautiful wooden toy

Can be played alone or with friends

Roll the dice and stack a coloured cylinder

As shown on the dice

Can also be used as a stacker without the dice

A simple toy for all ages to enjoy



Another fun balancing game

This time from The British Library

Beautifully crafted

And so cute

A cat playing with colourful balls of wool

This would be such a lovely gift

I wonder if our Granny might like this one?

Fun to play with

And would look lovely out on display

A definite conversation starter

And who knew you could find lovely gifts

Online at The British Library!!



Edie absolutely loves cars

This set has 7 numbered cars and garages

The garages stack and nest

You can match each car to their garage

By colour or by number

Great for early learning through play


At 18 months Edie can count to six with help

Partly through playing with this toy

There is so much to be learned through playing with this toy

It is brilliant!


The colourful garages have counting pictures on the back walls

To help with one to one correspondence when counting

Children can build a tower or create a colourful town

This set is great for hand-eye coordination

And for exploring the concepts of colour, size, and number

It encourages counting, problem solving and creative play

This is definitely one of our most loved toys for babies between one and two


This nesting and stacking toy from Djeco is an old favourite

Esther and William adored it

Now Bea and Edie do too


These sturdy cardboard cubes are truly beautiful

Painted pictures and patterns

The five faced cubes show animals and things from nature

They also offer patterns for counting


The cubes can be used to create traditional towers

Or used as scenes for storytelling and small world play

We have used the blocks for measuring

And for playing Peekaboo with toy animals

Edie loves to knock down towers

And she loves filling each box up with different things

This is another versatile toy

Offering lots of creative ways to play

Edie has been known to use the cardboard cubes

As shoes and hats!



Edie loves owls

And so we have lots of owl books and toys

We love to combine our love of stories and play

Grimms Mountain Owls Building Blocks

Are perfect for complementing owl books


They are great for stacking and storytelling

They are wonderful for adding to sensory and small world play

They can be used as puppets

As characters in animated movies

They can be bashed together

Wherever Edie goes at least one owl goes too

And these are great for taking out and about


We also have the Grimms Sea Owls

These are great for building wibbly wobbly owls

And building a tall tall tower

By combining sets to make our very own parliament


As with all our wooden stacking toys

These owls look beautiful on the shelves in our playroom

I hope that you have enjoyed a sneak peek at our stackers

Follow the link below for a few more ideas

For Christmas stackers!

Some other stackers we love

If you do buy any of the toys

You see here

I would love to know

And I hope that you will enjoy them

As much as we all do

Happy stacking!

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