Festive Forecast: Gifts For Bunny Mad Toddlers

At the moment


Age 18 months

Is hopping mad

About rabbits


There is nothing she loves more than bunnies

So I have put together some gift ideas

For bunny mad toddlers

Here they are

Djeco Rabbit Puzzle

This is a lovely little stocking filler

A set of three jigsaw puzzles

3 pieces, 4 pieces and 5

Big thick pieces

Perfect for little hands

Beautiful brightly coloured bunny pictures

Perfect for rabbit mad tots

babbits djeco puzzle

Rabbit Hat from Ottie and Fred

I have bought Edie

A super cute bunny hat

From Ottie and Fred

Made with super soft wool

Cannot wait to see her in it

She will be such a cute little Babbit!

babbit hat

Bunny Coat from Lottie and Lysh

I have wanted a beautiful bunny coat from Lottie and Lysh

For Edie Mae

Since before she was born

This Christmas I have decided to go for it

It really is my last chance

As Edie is our last baby

And I just know that she will look adorable in it

Rabbits are special for me as well as Edie

Matilda Mae loved bunnies

And was cremated with her cuddly bunny

I have the exact same bunny

That I carried and cuddled through Tilda’s goodbye

I like to think that Edie loving bunnies

Has something to do with that

For the coat

I chose olive wool and vintage fleur

I cannot wait to see Edie in it

Hop little bunny hop hop hop


Grimms Bobbing Bunny Pull Along

I love this alder wood pull along rabbit

It is available from One Hundred Toys

I can just imagine Edie

Marching around the house

Pulling her bunny along behind her

Super cute toy

With so much potential for imaginative play

babbit grimms pull along

Cuddledry Cuddlebunny Towel

A super soft towel

Makes a fun but practical present

Perfect for bath time and for swimming

How lovely to snuggle up

With your very own Cuddlebunny

babbit towel

Are you there Little Bunny? (Little Peep-Through Books)

A super cute babbit book

With peep through pages

From Usborne Books

babbit book

Rabbit Hill Finger Puppet Play Set

I LOVE this puppet play set

From Puppets By Post

It is perfect for storytelling

Song singing

And imaginative play

We would definitely use this to act out the song

Sleeping Bunnies

The set includes four finger puppet rabbits

And a green hill

A really lovely play set

For toddlers and beyond

babbit hill puppet set

If your little one loves bunnies

Loves all rabbit themed stories and songs

Be sure to show them this

From Lil Beatz

Hip Hop For Totz

We love all things babbit in our house

So will definitely be doing some hip hopping and jumping to this

Do you have a little one bunny obsessed?

Would love to know any rabbit themed gifts that you find

Happy Holidays!

This is a collaborative post

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