Books at Bedtime: Advent Part One


Happy Advent!

As an avid picture book reader

I LOVE this time of year

SO many beautiful books

Some of which we only have out

For the month of December

Our very own advent collection

It is always wonderful

The day we bring the boxes of books

Down from the loft

And rediscover our seasonal favourites

Here are the five we shared today

At tea time

Rather than bed

While the children ate crumpets

And drank hot chocolate

I read them these


I love this story so much

Told by a funny grumpy camel

This is the story of the journey

Of The Three Kings

This is the story of Christmas

Of Christmas and giving

It is a truly beautiful picture book

For this time of year

humphreys first christmas


Esther and William were very pleased to see this book again

A lovely story about a robin

A kind robin who gives away his vests

To keep other animals warm

His kindness is recognised by Father Christmas

And he is rewarded with his very special red vest

A perfect illustration of the joy to be found

In giving gifts to others

A perfect example of the true spirit of Christmas

This book gives ALL the feels

It is wonderful

A Christmas classic

little robins christmas


This was a new to all of us book

My first chance to read out loud

This beautiful rhyming text

About choosing the tree

That will become your Christmas tree

We will definitely be reading this one again

On the day we make our journey to choose our tree

And once our tree has been dressed

Such a special book

I am very glad that we found it

Before finding our tree

pick a pine tree


This book is a bundle of fun

That all the children

Including Edie

Can join in with

Some simple counting

Lots of elf antics

And animals to spot

Along with huskies, reindeer

And Father Christmas himself

Pages and pages

Of rhyming festive fun and laughter

ten little elves


This book was a special collaboration

Involving Harper Collins, Judith Kerr, Sainsburys and Save The Children

It linked to the Sainsburys Christmas advert

Maybe two years ago?

Poor old Mog sets the house on fire

But then saves the day

By guiding the fire engine to the house

All the neighbours rally round the family

To ensure they still have a magical Christmas

Another book that shows children the spirit of Christmas

And what it means to be a good neighbour

Another classic Christmas tale

mog christmas calamity

Such a wonderful time of year

For snuggling up with a good book

Such a wonderful time of year

To discover stories with meaning

Such a wonderful time for sharing stories

That mean the most to us

We will be sharing lots of books with you

Throughout advent and through to epiphany

Watch out for posts here on the blog

And over on Instagram

Where I am also sharing lots of ideas for

Learning and Play

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

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