Esther’s Dream Horse with PetPlan Equine

My eldest daughter Esther is 8

She is beautiful inside and out

She loves stories

She loves imaginative play

She loves drawing, painting, colouring

She loves animals

She would like to own a dog one day

She wants to be a vet

And every Sunday she rides a pony called Barney

At our local stables

My eldest daughter is 8

She is mad about Harry Potter

She loves magic and adventures

She believes in fairies and unicorns

She is kind and caring

She is funny

She is patient

She is an inspiration to me

I wish I was more like her

She is really incredibly special

And she has absolutely no idea

Esther is my eldest daughter

She is 8

She is quirky

She is clumsy

She is perfect

In every way

Making her happy

Means the world to me

I want to do all I can

To make her dreams come true

One day we will buy a puppy

A dog that we will all love and fuss over

I wonder one day if we might own a horse

A horse that Esther can ride whenever she wants

Her very own Barney

Her very own Black Beauty

Her very own dream horse

Recently Petplan Equine got in touch

And asked Esther to tell them about her dream horse

To design a horse that she would like to have for real

In a cuddly toy

We sent Petplan Equine her design

And a few weeks later we were sent her beautiful dream horse

Esther took her design task very seriously

She designed and redesigned

Adapted and changed

Started all over again

A number of times

Before submitting her beautiful final design

2018-10-10 09.35.10

Her dream horse

A horse for cuddling

A snuggly horse

Pink of course

With a long mane

And extra long tail

Wings for magic and adventures

This was not a Sunday morning pony

This was a horse of dreams

A horse to ride through starry skies

A horse of awe and wonder

Esther’s dream horse

2018-10-10 10.12.37

When the cuddly horse arrived

Esther was so incredibly proud of her work

2018-11-17 11.49.18

She examined every detail

2018-11-17 11.49.38

Seeing her ideas travel from her head to a page

To become a cuddly toy

Was an incredibly emotional and inspirational journey

It was literally a dream coming true

2018-11-17 11.49.50

Esther has shown her horse to everyone

Explaining every tiny attribute

Her dream horse sleeps with her

And I just know they go off

For magical adventures together in her dreams

2018-11-17 11.49.41

Esther is my eldest daughter

She is 8 years old

She is a dreamer

She is a horse lover

A pony rider

She now knows that she can do anything she wants to

She can try anything

She knows thanks to Petplan Equine

That dreams can come true

And when you are 8 years old

And you are dyslexic

That is an important thing to have illustrated

In such a wonderful and magical way

This is an experience that Esther and I will never forget

And if one day we do buy that pony

A horse of her own

You can be sure we will be seeking advice from Petplan Equine

2018-07-22 10.34.22

For the past 40 years

Petplan Equine has worked to keep the nation’s horses healthy

And their owners happy

By offering the very best equine insurance policies and great customer service

They have helped owners get their beloved horses back to health following illness or injury

Petplan works with more animal rehoming charities than any other pet insurance provider

They are committed to supporting charities and the vital work they do in any way we can

The Petplan Charitable Trust has so far raised more than £7million

Towards a better, healthier world for animals

This post is a collaboration with Petplan Equine but all opinions are my own

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