5 Board Books For Babies and Toddlers This Christmas

Edie loves books

At 18 months old

She is beginning to memorise parts of her favourite stories

One of the stories she knows well

Is family favourite Goodnight Moon

Another is The Gruffalo

She also loves Dear Zoo

And just this week has discovered Dear Santa

A fabulous festive book

Following the familiar format of Dear Zoo

We LOVE these books!

In fact in our house we love all books

And are so pleased that Edie has inherited our love of words

And pictures

Here are our five favourite festive board books

Starting with


We are huge fans of Dear Zoo

And were lucky enough to meet Rod Campbell last year

This book follows the well known story pattern

But swaps zoo animals for Christmas presents

We have read this book A LOT already this advent

It is a firm Edie favourite

And she knows all the presents in order

And has learned to say ‘send something else’

A classic lift the flap picture book

Perfect for babies and toddlers

At Christmas time

dear santa


We love these busy books from Campbell Books

You can get airports and train stations

They are great for taking on holiday

They have lots of things to push and pull

Best for older babies and young toddlers

But enjoyed by older children too

The BUSY London at Christmas is particularly well loved here

We take it with us to London on the train

And spot the sights in the book as we see them in real life

london bridge book

Edie loves making the London bus go back and forth

She loves to open and shut the tube train door

She has learned to say push, pull, open and shut

Through reading and rereading these books

busy london at christmas

Edie loves to spot Father Christmas on each page

Saying ‘Father Christmas Ho Ho Ho’

These busy books

Festive and otherwise

Would make a great gift for little hands and curious minds

This Christmas

busy christmas


This is a truly beautiful book

The illustrations are wonderful

This tells the Christmas story

Laden with emotion and animation

It is time

Get ready

Be glad

He has come

He is here

The One who made us

Has come to live with us!

God’s great gift

A tiny little baby!

The most amazing story

Told in a beautiful lyrical style

This book would be a treasured gift for a Christmas baby

The words and pictures tell how the good news spread

Out across the fields

Through deserts and oceans

From stars to trees

Robins to flowers

Angels to shepherds

A magical introduction to THE Christmas Story

For our littlest people

Song of the Stars


If you have never read a Nancy Tillman book

You must Google them now

They are stunning and make perfect gifts

This book is one of my favourites

Christmas Spirit fills every page

Every word and every magical and detailed illustration

The pages are littered with lyrics from Christmas Carols

Each woven into the beautiful pictures

The rhyming text is rich and so easy to read out loud

The imagery of candy cane tongues and marshmallow moustaches

Leave everyone feeling festive and ready for Christmas

‘So merry that even the trees can’t be still!’

This book reminds us all of the true spirit of Christmas

It makes you want to take time to make memories

And ensure that there is more presence than presents

This Christmas time and all times

An emotional read that will make young children

Realise how incredibly loved and special they are

the spirit of christmas


Because children read with all of their senses

The That’s Not My series from Usborne Books

Is awesome

This ever popular collection of books

Has some great festive editions

That lend themselves to story baskets and sensory play

Reindeer, Elf, Angel, Penguin, Donkey

We love them all

little donkey

Edie takes such great pleasure from these books

They make great gifts

For Christmas and birthdays

Perfect stocking fillers

We love them to sit and share as a story

To inspire our play

And much more

Perfect books for babies and toddlers

That read as much with their hands as with their eyes

So here are five of our favourite festive board books

For babies and toddlers

Gifts that keep on giving

Will you give the gift of reading this Christmas?

One thought on “5 Board Books For Babies and Toddlers This Christmas

  1. I really miss reading board books to my children and it’s so sweet looking at Edie’s pleasure as she reads with you. She has such clear speech already.
    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, Jennie. To you all and your beautiful star in the sky. xx

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