Head In The Clouds: Our Mezzanine Office Space

We finally have a safe space

Up in the mezzanine level of our house

This is going to be an office space for David and I

Used mainly by David at the moment

I would like to make it more of a shared space

And want it to be where we can go

To have our heads in the clouds

To think big

To dream

To find peace

I would love for it to be a space filled with clouds

Punctuated with rainbows

I want it to feel light and bright

I want it to feel like a welcoming safe space

A place to retreat

A space to share

I want to make the most of the natural daylight

And really think about seating for desk work

And for reading

A place to be comfortable

But also productive

I have been getting lots of tips from this productive workspace infographic


Eventually David will have his own garden room office

And this space will be more for the children and I

A place where I can write and they can come and sit with me

To read or draw or have a chat

A place for projects to take shape

Secrets to be shared

A space for homework

When the time comes

A place where our heads are in the clouds

A space near the sky

Where we can all feel closer to Tilda


In pictures

Are my imaginings

My hopes and dreams

My Not On The High Street shopping list

For a head in the clouds

Mezzanine Office Space

cloud head in the clouds cushion

cloud wire photo hanger

cloud cushion

cloud hooks

cloud bookends

cloud tilda doodle book

cloud kids tables

cloud light

cloud desk tidy

cloud shelf

cloud rug

cloud wall light

cloud magnetic memo boards

What do you think?

I cannot wait to get started

Cannot wait to get my head in the clouds!

This is a collaborative post

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