Three Winter Destinations to Visit Outside of the UK

The wind is picking up and temperatures are dropping; winter is coming. But that doesn’t mean you and your family have to stop travelling. There are many places to visit in the wintertime, some of them local, some of them on the continent. Some will take you overseas, others will even help you thaw out from the cold weather.

If your family enjoys travelling, don’t let the fact that coats are now required stop you. If you pick the right destination, you won’t even need the coat. Whether you enjoy the brisk cold, or a sunny second summer, there is somewhere in the world for you to take a holiday and explore new areas and culture. So book the trip, pack the bags, and set off on another exciting adventure!

If you are looking for a bit of warming up from winter’s chill, few places are warmer than Australia. The Land Down Under is in the midst of summer, with lots of heat and sunlight that will have you forgetting the weather back home. Take a holiday to escape the cold and the snow; trade it for some surfing along the east coast or ATVing through the Outback. Visit Uluru in the Red Centre of the country or take the Great Ocean Road to see some amazing spectacles of nature, including rainforests and the 12 Apostles.

Visit Perth on the west coast for some Aussie styled theme park fun in Perth. And of course, don’t forget to go snorkeling through the Great Barrier Reef. The beauty of the underwater world cannot be missed – it will have you forgetting all about the temperatures your friends are facing.

three by the sea

New Zealand
Like Australia, the islands of New Zealand are experiencing summer’s divine warmth, although the heat is not as intense. The Kiwis have so much crammed into their two main islands, you cannot turn around without being somewhere new. You can surf along the beaches of the North Island or lead the family through Hobbiton – the area in Matamata that served as the village of the Hobbits during the production of the movies based on J.R.R Tolkien’s classic novels.

On the South Island, your family can tour any number of glaciers. Some you can only do helicopter, some you will have to fly to before you can start hiking down or ice climbing even farther up the glacier. You family will enjoy walking through the glaciers, surrounded by walls of ice. When you reach the bottom of the Franz Josef or Fox Glaciers on the West Coast, you will find yourself facing either the ocean or rainforest, or both. Some great sightseeing and outdoor excitement can be had in summertime New Zealand.

beside the sea

The United States is a beautiful country with a lot of differing landscapes and urban environments. The cities and cultures in America are extremely diverse, inspiring a wide variety of decor styles, architecture, and cuisine. Exploring Savannah in the Deep South will be a completely different experience than if you visit Seattle near the West Coast. Museums and science centers are aplenty in America, great for the little ones to learn and enjoy, and there are hundreds of theme parks throughout the country.

disney life

Of course, the best place to visit in America during the winter is Orlando, Florida. Not only do you have a large concentration of amusement parks in one area, but the temperatures for this time of year stay within the 18-20℃ range. Visiting Walt Disney World in the winter can also provide your family with some amazing Christmas decorations and lights, as well as some great holiday festivities.

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