This Little Girl: Disney on Ice 2019

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This strong willed superhero princess is our original rainbow

She burst into the world and has not stopped exploding ever since

Everything is big and intense with Bea

Everything is all or nothing

Her way or no way at all much of the time

But with all that her behaviour can be frustrating she is a magical sparkle

A true member of the Strong Girls Club

I adore Bea with all my heart but sometimes find parenting her a challenge

I want to try and improve our bond and find ways for Bea and I

To have very rare, very much needed mother and daughter time

We start this weekend

We are off for a very very special mother and daughter day

To the wonderful world of Disney On Ice!

I am so excited to travel to London with Bea

As I have done with Esther and William before her

To experience the magic of Disney On Ice

We will be treated to a magical medley of classic and modern tales

Including Disney’s The Lion King, Frozen and for the first time in the UK Finding Dory!

I think that Bea will be most excited to see all the princesses

And to sing along to the Disney songs we know and love

We plan to get to the stadium in plenty of time

To take part in the Mouse Bounce dance for the Fit-to-Dance pre-show

Bea is going to love that!

disney mickey and minnie

This year’s Disney on Ice tour focuses on family

Which makes it the perfect way to spend some time

With my daughter

Who we think may be struggling to understand her place in our family

The meaning of family

The importance of family is first explored on the ice

With Dory, Nemo and Marlin

disney finding nemo

The love between sisters is then laid bare

As we travel to Arendelle with Anna, Elsa and the hilarious Olaf

From Disney’s Frozen

Nothing is out of reach for Rapunzel

As her friends help light the way

We have heard tell that one audience member

Will be invited on to the ice

To be part of the lantern scene

Danced to At Last I See The Light

This is a very special song for us

A Matilda Mae song

There will definitely be cuddles and tears

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs will bring back our smiles though

As they make their own magic and reveal we can do ANYTHING with our friends in tow

disney snow white

Buzz and Woody will have us jumping out of our seats in a foot-stomping throw down

Simba, Timon and Pumba prowl the Pridelands

I cannot wait for this bit!

LOVE The Lion King!

disney lion king

Jasmine, Aladdin and the Genie show friendship is fearless

disney aladdin

And Bea’s favourites, the Disney Princesses stay strong and journey on

I cannot wait to see my little girl’s face

I hope that she enjoys it as much as I want her to

I hope that we will have lots of fun and magical moments

As we make some wonderful memories together

I cannot wait for Saturday

I cannot wait to take her little hand

And lead her into this amazing event

See her eyes open wide with awe and wonder

At all the colour

All the lights

All the beautiful costumes

As she catches a sense of the Disney magic in the air

disney on ice finale

I get goosebumps just thinking about it

Just thinking about her

My little girl

This little girl

Being introduced for the very first time

To the wonderful world of Disney On Ice

disney title

Will you be seeing the show?

The production will be skating into London at the SSE Wembley Arena

From the 13th-17th March 2019

Tickets are available from

We hope that you will catch a glimpse of the magic too

We are SO excited!!


We have been given two tickets for Disney on Ice UK 2019 in return for an honest review

One thought on “This Little Girl: Disney on Ice 2019

  1. Aww how lovely. Have a wonderful time together both of you. It’s always nice to get one on one time. We’re seeing it in Birmingham next month and I can’t wait! We’ve taken the opposite approach though and we’re going en masse, with my two girls plus two of their friends and their mum.

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