William and Warwick Castle (Press Trip)

Back in February half term

We were invited to Warwick Castle

To see what this historical place

Has to offer young families

We opted to go on the Friday before half term

And the first Saturday of the holiday

This way we got to enjoy the castle on a peaceful, quieter term time day

As well as experiencing all the events and entertainments laid on for families

Throughout the holidays

We travelled up from Kent early Friday morning

Arriving at the castle shortly after opening time

As we were staying on site

In the Knights’ Village

We were able to check in and make use of our private entrance to the castle grounds

Walking through the grounds to the castle was lovely

The gardens are immaculate and there are views across the countryside

The castle is built beside a river

And the path led us along the river to the castle

Our prime motivation for visiting Warwick

Was our eight year old son, William

He is an avid historian

Curious about the olden days and ways

He has loved learning about the middle ages

And focused on The Battles of Hastings and Stamford Bridge

His knowledge is far better than mine

And in fact one of the education officers at Warwick

Told us that William’s knowledge would be impressive for a 14 year old

Let alone our 8 year old

William has a head for facts and figures

He remembers everything that he reads

And he loves learning about weapons and military strategies from the past

He knows so much more about the life and times of William The Conqueror

Than most people have ever known

And on the days before our adventure to Warwick Castle

He read several books about the Earl of Warwick and the history of the castle

We also learned all about Motte and Bailey castles

Which Warwick originally was

He is amazing!

William arrived at Warwick

Dressed as a knight

Ready to take it all in and soak it all up


We started our visit at The Time Tower

Where there is a walk through

Multi media experience

Telling the history of the castle

And it’s inhabitants

w time tower

After The Time Tower

We headed to the maze

warwick 2

Warwick Castle has a Horrible Histories Maze

Where you can face fun challenges that include

Invading the vicious vikings

Surviving the trenches

Uncovering evil plots and

Escaping the maze before things go horribly wrong!

warwick 3

We had a brilliant time in the maze

Edie and Bea included

It was a safe and fun space to run around

And learn some history along the way

I imagine it might not be so nice on really busy days

warwick 4

After finding our way out of the maze

We went into the bailey to find a bench in a sunny spot

To eat our lunch

We were also listening to a talk

Being given to a visiting school

About ways to attack the castle

William was listening to every word

And knew the answer to every question that the guide asked the school

It was while we were here that a very kind education officer spotted us

He started talking to William about the castle and his costume

About weapons

And after sensing William’s enthusiasm

He brought out some weapons and armour

To show the children

For them to try on

And to use as props to tell us all more about the history of the castle

warwick 5

William was in his element

He was so engaged with this man

Talking with him

Sharing his passion and his knowledge

warwick 7

It was such an amazing experience for all of us

And I was so incredibly proud of my boy

The education officer made William’s day

By telling him that in a few years

William should go back to the castle

And see him about a job as a historian

William was totally up for that

And all he wanted to do for the rest of the day at the castle

Was seek out fellow historians to ask them questions about the castle

And in particular about it’s defences and weaponry

warwick 8

Because it was a quiet day

All the staff that we met were able to spend time talking to William

And to Bea and Esther

They were able to handle different shields and have their personal questions answered

It was such a wonderful experience for all of the children

And one that none of us will ever forget

warwick 9

In The Great Hall

The girls were able to look at all the lavish dresses

Of princesses and noble women past

They loved striking a pose with the mannequins

It was lovely to have the time and space to engage in some royal role play

warwick 13

On our first day at the castle

We also walked the walls, the towers and ramparts

And enjoyed the beautiful views over the surrounding countryside

tower view

It was amazing thinking about whose feet had stepped where ours were

Hundreds of years before

An inspirational, educational and humbling experience

warwick 10

The Kingmaker Exhibition took us on a journey

A journey through the Earl of Warwick’s preparations for war

warwick 12

We experienced the sights, sounds and smells of medieval England

And tried to have real conversations with the models!!

warwick 11

Warwick Castle is such a family friendly experience

I never once felt awkward letting Edie run about and interact with the exhibits

It made the whole day a nicer more valuable experience for all of us

On our way back to The Knight’s Village

We watched The Winter Birds of Prey Show

This was wonderful and the falconer was confident and engaging

Edie loved seeing the owls fly

If you are visiting the castle from 6th April

You will be able to see The Falconer’s Quest

Let your imagination soar in the UK’s biggest bird of prey show The Falconer’s Quest.

Search the skies overhead as up to 70 high flying Birds of Prey take to the skies in this all-action, dynamic display of aerial acrobatics.

Join Warwick’s Falconer on an epic quest of discovery to find the finest Birds in all of the land, in this brand new, action-packed, spectacular show.

It sounds AMAZING!

Our day was amazing

But after an early start

We wanted to get the children to bed early

Ready for another full day tomorrow

We put our belongings in our lodge for the night

Then headed back to The Great Hall

So that William could talk to his historian friend again

w great hall

We then headed for the main entrance

As we were going into town to eat

On the way we were so lucky to meet one of the Bowmen

He was practising for the new season show ahead

w bowman

He told us all about his bow and arrows

He talked us through what he was doing

Told us how the bows would have been used

What they would have been made of and why

Daddy and the children all do a bit of archery

So meeting this man and watching him train

Was definitely one of their highlights

w bowman 2

For dinner we went to Pizza Express

Where William delighted in relaying all he had learned that day

w pizza express

The girls were busy with princess sticker books

Then we walked back to our lodge to sleep

More about that to come!!

We were given two day castle tickets and overnight accommodation in return for an honest review

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  1. Aww I’m so glad you did this, it’s an incredible experience isn’t it? We love Warwick Castle. It sounds like William really loved it, what a boost to his self esteem to be told to come back about a job in the future.

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