Why is the French Riviera a Good Place for Young Families? #ad

The French Riviera attracts millions of holidaymakers every year for the sun, sea and sand. Spreading across the southeast corner of France along the Mediterranean coast, it makes an ideal place to have a family vacation. Mom and Dad can embrace the glitz and glamour and taste the celebrity high-life. The kids can soak up some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches. Keep reading and discover why you should consider a French Riviera family holiday this year.

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Good weather all year round
Southern France has warm summers and mild winters. This means you can have a family holiday relaxing on the beach or around the pool at any time of the year. Visit in the summer and experience endless sunny days. Or bring your kids later in the year during the low season and you’ll have the place to yourself. If you want to spend a few nights in luxury lounging on some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches, this is the place for you.

An opportunity to teach your kids about culture
The French Riviera has hundreds of art galleries and museums. Explore contemporary art in the morning and see some of the older masterpieces later in the evening. This gives you as parents the perfect opportunity to provide your kids with a slice of culture. Show them around the best museums and point out some of Europe’s best masterpieces. Soak up the atmosphere inside the speciality museums and learn about weird and wonderful things. Or bring your kids to the Picasso Museum. This work better for teens, and gives you a chance to complement what they have already learned in school.

Soak up the history
Strolling through any old town reveals secrets of the region’s rich past. Look closely and find Greek, Roman and Moorish influences in the architecture. Take a guided tour and seize the chance to give your little ones a first-hand history lesson. Or dig deeper below the surface and find relics related to the Vandals, Goths and Saracens. If you’re on a family holiday with teenagers, check the medieval Citadelle in St Tropez and the Chateau Grimaldi in Antibes. History surrounds you at every turn throughout the French Riviera. Make the most of the impromptu history lessons.

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A photographer paradise
Children today usually have their smartphones attached to their hands. Rather than letting them roam the streets glued to their screens, why not turn your kids into amateur photographers? Aside from history oozing from the heart of the region, you’ll find both natural and architectural beauty. Get your children to snap photographs of the grand mansions and elegant villas lining the wide streets. Or head to the beaches and get a panoramic of the yachts moored in the harbour. This promises to get your family engaged on your holiday, and might nurture future hobbies along the way too.

The ultimate level of luxury
Some of the best family holidays are when everyone gets to indulge in a slice of the high-life for a few days. And there’s no better place to do this than in the French Riviera. Search online, and you’ll find hundreds of luxury vacation rentals, boutique hotels and resorts. Want to splash out? Get a villa overlooking the Med with a rooftop swimming pool. Or splurge on a five-star resort where everyone in the family gets treated like an A-list celeb. Different towns and cities have their own style of resorts too. Embrace this variety and search for the perfect place with all the amenities to suit your family. Take advantage of the kid’s clubs so that you and your partner can soak up some of the other luxury and amenities.

The festivals
The French Riviera hosts dozens of festivals throughout the year. Some months feature huge parades like the Nice Carnival in February. Others are more cultural such as the local food and harvest festivals taking place in both September and October. If you come in December, you’ll have thriving Christmas markets which make the area feel almost as if you’ve teleported to Lapland. Stick around until January and give your family the chance to watch the world-famous Monaco Circus. Throw in regular music festivals, local events and the Cannes Film Festival, and you’re sure to have an entertaining trip. It’s a good idea to search online before booking to see what’s on when you’re visiting. Going to a festival transforms a regular family vacation into one that you’ll remember forever.

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Child-friendly atmosphere
Visit some of Europe’s busier cities and watch the life speed by at lightning pace. Residents don’t have enough time to stop for a second, let alone spend quality time with their family. The French Riviera provides a welcome respite and encourages a slower pace of life. Because of this, you’ll find the streets full of local families out in the early evenings. Some stroll along the leafy boulevards. Parents chitchat with their friends. Kids run around playing games and eating delicious ice cream. Stop by any park on the weekend and find families relaxing on the grass. This region is among France’s top places for families, and you’ll instantly feel welcome and fit in.

Having the best family vacation in the French Riviera
Whether you’re travelling with a young family or with teens, you’ll find countless activities in the French Riviera. Take advantage of the museums and soak up the culture. Turn your kids into amateur photographers for the day. And embrace the luxury as a family and make those memories that will last a lifetime.

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