Testing Tyres #ad

With the Easter Bank Holiday over

It is time to turn our thoughts to the summer term

Though we home educate

We are still governed by school terms

For many of our classes

This term is very short here in Kent

And we have a lot to pack in

Alongside classes and lessons and social meets

We also have my parents visiting from Spain

Tilda’s seventh birthday in the sky

Edie’s birthday

And a very special family wedding

All of this means a lot of time in the car

We live in a small village in rural Kent

Nothing happens here

There are no amenities here

Absolutely everything is a drive away

And while I am so very grateful

For the lighter evenings this season brings

I am aware that our little local roads are getting busier

Many are in a state of poor repair

And many roads around us are closed

As housing developments pop up all over the place

Or lanes are peppered with pot holes

And plagued with vehicles far too big and wide

To be negotiating our country roads

I am not a confident driver

But because of the lifestyle we have chosen

And the location of our home

I have to drive every day

To ease my anxiety

I like my car to be in good condition

I do not care how it looks especially

But it has to be reliable

And it has to be safe

In our area

With the many holes in the road

Good safe tyres are a must have

As I am not a car expert

By any stretch of the imagination

I rely on the expertise and skills of others

To keep me on the road

But I still like to know

What is required by law

And what is considered safe

When it comes to the tyres on my car

I have also been reading about how to get the most out of my tyres

To keep our family car on the road

So what should I know about tyres

To be legal and safe?

I found some really useful information

Published by The RAC

They say the secret to keeping your vehicle’s rubber in tip top condition is regular inspections

If you notice anything unusual you can seek a professional opinion on what to do

Visual inspections are where to start

Look at the surface of the tyre

Run your hand over the tread

To check for any foreign bodies embedded in the rubber

If you do detect anything in the tread and you’re unsure what to do

You can also measure the depth of your tyre tread using a coin

The first thing is to check the tyre pressures

If these are within manufacturer tolerance, drive slowly and carefully

To a professional tyre outlet to seek their help

If not, it might be worth jacking the car up

Properly supporting the vehicle and taking the wheel in question off

You can then take this to a garage and get it repaired or replaced if necessary

Monitoring tyre pressures is important, too

Manufacturers quote pressures for a reason

Air pressure inside the tyre inflates the carcass

It pushes the tread blocks out away from the centre

Too little pressure and these tread blocks close over

They won’t displace water effectively

It also decreases efficiency


Pressure and tread

For legality and safety

On the road

(Information from https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/advice/tyres/tyre-safety/

If you live close to London

You can get your tyres from Iverson Tyres

And benefit from their knowledge and expertise

To keep you and yours on the road this term

One more drive along the world we go!

This is a collaborative post

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