Little DIY Jobs That Will Make a Big Difference to How Your Home Looks #ad

When you’ve got kids, you have to accept that your house is not going to look showroom perfect, for long. No matter how careful your kids are, they will occasionally get carried away while playing and things will be damaged. Your paintwork marked, your woodwork dinged and your carpets stained.

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It is an almost inevitable part of family life. So, every now and again you need to whisk through your house fixing these little things. Here are a few of the areas that are likely to need your attention, at some point.

Skirting boards

If your skirting boards are scuffed, dented or warped, you could order some mdf skirting board from skirtingsrus. They sell the pre-primed type. It only needs to be painted using a colour that complements your décor to finish it off and enable you to install it. It is much easier than spending hours on your hands and knees rubbing down and painting your existing skirting boards. You just need to master the joints to be able to lay it yourself. Taking this approach gives you the chance to bring your skirting boards up to date and make sure that it blends in better with your room décor. You will be surprised by how much better your home will look when you take the time to do this.

Deep clean your carpets

At some point, vacuuming and spot cleaning is not enough to keep your carpets clean. When that happens, it is time to get them professionally cleaned or hire a machine to do it yourself.
If they start looking dirty again after a few weeks, it may be time to replace your flooring. But, you may be able to get away with laying a few rugs.

Touch up your walls

If you have lost the battle of the scuff marks it is time to repaint or touch up your walls. Re-touching is generally faster and easier. But, you need to be careful about how you do it. It is easy to get it wrong and end up with a wall that is no longer smooth and looks a bit patchy. If you have never done it before it is best to go to YouTube and learn the correct technique.

Update your photos and paintings

Regularly, change your wall hangings, paintings, and prints. It is always nice to have some recent photos of the family mingled in with your old favourites.

Re-cover your furniture

Throws and covers are a good way to keep your living room suite in reasonable condition. Every now and again you will need to update them. For some families, elasticated covers are a better solution.

Polish and deep clean

If you have wooden furniture, wax it every now again. Doing this gets rid of fingerprints, smoothes out some of the smaller scratches and makes it easier to clean.


Without realising it junk builds up in our homes. Periodically, going through everything and giving or throwing things away frees up space and makes it easier for you to keep each room clean and tidy.

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