Finding The Babymoon For You

In March 2012

Heavily pregnant with Matilda Mae

And with 19 month old twins in tow

David and I went to Center Parcs

And then on to a Luxury Antenatal Parenting Weekend

At The West Bay Club on The Isle of Wight

It was a fabulous weekend

With the lovely Ruth aka Rock ‘n’ Roller Baby

If I had my time over again

I would make more of an effort to have some couple time with David

Before having babies

With the twins premature birth at 27 weeks gestation

We never had the now very popular Babymoon

We did have a night away just us before Tilda was born

In a hotel but there was a wedding on and it felt like our room

Was in the centre of the dance floor

It was not much fun

If we had our time again

We would definitely have at least one babymoon

But where to go?

Where would we go?

Loveholidays have created a very handy interactive tool

The Loveholidays Babymoon Finder

The online tool helps pregnant customers choose a destination for a pre-baby holiday

Based around their due date

How long they want to fly and

What type of holiday they are looking for

This unique babymoon tool helps guide customers to a range of holiday options

Most suitable for them


I have been having a go to see

Where I coulda shoulda woulda gone

If I had my time again

32 + 3 Bump

Before the twins David and I might have been willing to fly far

We would have wanted some quality couple time

Before our parenting adventure began

Loveholidays suggests Dubai, Mexico or Cuba

I would like to go to Mexico

I would love some sun

Warm seas to swim in

Some calm, quiet relaxation


Once we were parents

We would not have wanted to travel far

And we would not have left the twins

Loveholidays online tool suggests we could have visited

Majorca, Croatia, The Algarve

I would actually love to go to Croatia

Would love to take the children there

As the children get older

Maybe thee day will come

When David and I can find some time for us

To just be us rather than be parents

Just for a little while

Loveholidays suggests we try

Spain, The Algarve, Ibiza

I can imagine a couple of days

Exploring Ibiza Old Town

Where would you go for a babymoon if you could?

Why not see what the Loveholidays Babymoon Finder

Suggests for you

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