Reliable Brakes Make Breaks Seem Possible #ad

This past week I have seen so many car accidents

Every route I have traveled this week

There has been an incident

Living in the South East

We drive on some of the busiest roads in the country

To get anywhere beyond our own county we have to use the M25

Cross into Essex

Or drive through central London

Seeing car crashes always acts as a stark reminder

Of how quickly things can go wrong on the road

And how important it is to drive safely

And to keep the car in good condition

A couple of the crashes this week have really affected me

As they are in places where I always worry about something going wrong

Blind corners

Narrow bridges

Windy lanes with not many passing places

Busy crossroads

Where we live most of the driving that I do is on rural roads

And I often worry that if something did happen to us in the car

No one would be able to find us

Mobile signal in our area can be sketchy at best

Driving is something I do out of necessity

It is not something I enjoy at all

I often think that I should know more about car maintenance than I do

I get through so many tyres

Because of all the pot holes on our local lanes

And I worry about something more serious going wrong

My biggest fears are that the steering will lock

Or the brakes will fail

If you are in Essex and driving in the Chelmsford area

You can get your brakes tested with Jet Wheel Tyre

Inspecting brakes is an important part of regular car maintenance

The thought of losing control of the car

And being unable to stop

Just terrifies me

It terrifies me

I carry very precious cargo in my car!

i am enough

Knowing the signs of failing brakes

Is something I have read about

When it comes to safety in the car

The brake system is your best friend

It is important to know the signs of failing brakes

So that you can have them repaired immediately

In order to keep you and your passengers safe

Effective braking can make a big difference

The difference between having a serious accident

And driving away without a scratch

Signs to look out for are

A brake warning light coming on

Funny noises when you brake such as squeaking or squealing

Grinding sensations when you brake

Car pulling to one side when you brake

Brakes not stopping the car as effectively as you feel they should

Fluid leaking from the car

Unusual movements such as bouncing or shaking when you brake

If you notice anything that is out of the ordinary

It is best to get your brakes inspected

car car

Properly maintained brakes will keep you and your family safe on the road

Having a regular inspection can ease anxiety

And making driving from A to B

Easy as 1 2 3!

One of the things I am trying to do

Is build up the confidence to drive on the motorway

I would like to be able to visit my sister in Derbyshire

Which involves navigating the M25

Including the Dartford Crossing

My worries about this would be lessened

Knowing that my brakes were fully fit for the journey

Being able to confidently drive around the M25

Would open up so many adventures for our family

Without relying on David coming with us all the time

We could have some very exciting Edspire Edventures

Visiting friends and family in Essex

Expeditions to see the animals in Colchester Zoo

A flying visit to Harry Potter World

And maybe the odd trip to Ikea!

I wanna go to Lakeside!

Knowing I have reliable brakes

Would make these breaks feel more possible

Time to buckle up and hit the road!

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