A Grown Up Garden Wish List

For years now

As summer has arrived

Our garden has become

An adventure wonderland for our children

And this is

Of course

Exactly as it should be

But this year

With no tiny baby in the family

With my nursing days numbered

I am craving a little adult space in the garden

A little safe haven for me

A place of peace

For five minutes

With a drink and perhaps

A fragment of snatched silence

While the big littles all play

A space to entertain friends

Old enough to enjoy a Pimms and lemonade

As we put the world to rights

Surely just a little corner of the garden

For grown ups

Should not be beyond the realms of possibility

A home educating mummy of five can dream!

A sofa perhaps

To share with friends

Or to relax on with a book

A table for dining

Breakfasting too

Lights for warm spring evenings

And late summer nights

lh lights

A BBQ for feasts

A fire pit for snacks and marshmallows

And telling tall tales


Little trinkets to make me smile

Perhaps a peacock

Or this little robin that I found on LionsHome

lh robin

I spend so much of my time

Planning, organising and being with my children

It would be nice to create a special space

A peaceful place for me

Where I can go to escape the constant chaos

And just be

Maybe I should add one of these!!

lh hot tub

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