Making A Small Room Super For My Super Hero #ad

When we moved into this house

Esther and William shared a small bedroom

While the larger rooms were renovated

Once the rooms were ready

They shared the biggest bedroom in the house

side by side

A few years later

Esther moved out to a room of her own

Leaving William in the big bedroom

Now that Edie is about to transition from our bed to her own sleeping space

The children are going to need to all change rooms again

With Edie and Bea moving into the big room

And William into the smallest room

The plan with the girls is to create a shared bedroom / playroom

With a double bed in it

That means David and I can sleep in with the girls

If we have family come to to stay

I have my eye on a sleigh bed from Happy Beds

With hidden storage underneath

Where we can keep clean bedding and guest bedding

Secretly stowed away

The girls will love having a double bed

A space where Edie can sleep without the danger of falling out of bed

A space where we can all snuggle up for story time

A place for the children to congregate in the morning

A social space perfect for sibling sleepovers too!

The girls room will be easy and fun to do

The challenge will be creating a space that works for William

In the smallest room

I think a good starting point would be this

Pegasus Grey High Sleeper from Happy Beds

pegasus high sleeper

This provides a sleep space and a work space

Plus lots of storage for clothes

He would need bookshelves and beanbags

To create a place to relax and read

William does not really play with toys

He reads, plays with Top Trumps cards, makes animations

And he loves to be outside

His room would really be for reading and relaxing

And a quiet space to do his work and make his movies

I would like him to have a reading corner

Like one of these found at

reading nook 2

reading nook 1

With lots of adventurer and explorer themed accessories

Like this lantern to read by

explorer lantern

William loves history, geography, science and nature

He loves facts and information

Maps and graphs and charts

He also loves words and word play

I can imagine his walls being partly cork board

So he can forever be changing what he has on display

A pinboard map would be cool

So he can add facts and photos to different locations

pinboard map

William is obsessed with time and timing

A clock like this one would fascinate him

And keep him busy for hours

time zone clock

It feels like a very serious move

Putting William in the little room

It feels like the end of an eera

And of course it is

Turning 9 in July

William will soon be what is in this modern age

Known as a tween

But I would like to keep my little boy little for as long as possible

With his awesome sense of adventure

His gargantuan thirst for knowledge

His quirky crazy sense of humour

His passion for our planet

His amazing imagination

And his huge loving heart

My superhero son

Deserves a super room

And I am going to love making him one

My boy!

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Whenever I photograph our four living children there is always a gap where Tilda should be. The gap is always near William. He is the one who has felt tilda’s absence the most I believe. He is a wonderful brother to all his sisters but there is a very special place in his heart for Tilda and more recently for his baby sister Edie Mae. He cannot say no to her, he will do anything for her, he sings songs and learns books off by heart, he makes up games for her and if we want to get William out of bed in the morning it is Edie we send up. He is never cross with her, never loses patience with her, drops everything for her. It is wonderful. And I adore him for it. Life is crazy and stressful here at the moment and all to often I am quick to criticise my children and I forget how truly amazing they all are. How much we do on our simplest of days. I am a very lucky and super proud mummy. And my son is my hero. My superhero! #myboy #myson #myboybill #william #justwilliam #wonderwilliam #wonderfulwilliam #warriorwilliam #bigbrother #babysister #brotherandsister #siblings #mymotherhood #motherhood #proudmama #braveheart #love #myhappycapture #happinesscaptured #motheroffive #parentingafterloss #bereavedfamily #bereavedsiblings #sunshineandrainbows

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One thought on “Making A Small Room Super For My Super Hero #ad

  1. This sounds wonderful, Jennie. I am so pleased that William is going to have a room of his own (compared to your earlier plan for him to have the big room and combine it with a playroom). From what you have told us about your hero, he will enjoy having a space for all his projects, and to read, investigate and research. Fantastic. We had a high-bed for one of ours – it was a great success.

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