Steps To Follow When Landscaping Your Garden #ad

Landscaping is all about altering the current design and outlook of your garden to make it more attractive and appealing to your eyes. Does it happens with you that on your commute to work you notice all those beautiful gardens on the way and plan how you will recreate your garden in such a way. But sadly the imagination and planning only lasts till you have reached work because for landscaping you need proper guidance. So to make you dream come true and to convert your imagination into reality here’s a little guide from pro gardeners to follow when doing garden landscaping, don’t worry it doesn’t have any technical stuff!

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1. Take Pictures of the Gardens You Like If Possible
The first step is to get inspiration and be clear about what do you have in mind that you wish to implement. For this take photos of all the gardens you like on the way to work or on the way back home. Now sit down with the print outs of them pictures and identify the common elements in them. List them down and also write the few things that appeal you a lot and it’s a must in your garden.

2. Decide on a Focal Point
Focal point is basically a point of interest, a starting point, a point around which everything revolves. This will draw attention of people to your garden. There are various options you could choose from like a fountain, a sequence of small heightened shrubs on two parallel sides that somewhat make a path or tunnel to the main door, a plant canopy, a stone sundial, a statue or an ornament or literally anything you like!

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3. Concentrate on Scaling and Pacing
It’s very important however it does require a little math so there’s a possibility that you might find it tricky but trust me it’s worth it because this will pull everything together and give a complete look. So ensure that you do not use all different item instead create a repeating pattern of plants with different size, shape, and color and with flower beds.

4. Make a Rough Sketch
Now take out a notebook and draw out your whole plan. Don’t worry if your drawing isn’t good because mine is worse! Also I’m sure you can very well understand what you draw and that the only thing that matters.

5. Choose the Right Plants
To ensure the healthy and long life of your garden make sure you consult a gardener or a garden center and get information on the needs of each of the plants you are considering to use. The reason behind is that all plants have different needs and they should be placed according to their needs like roses, vegetables and herbs need full exposure to sun and so they should only be placed in areas when there’s no shade and a lot of sunlight comes in.

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6. Add Something Different
Everyone has plants and flowers in their gardens. How about you use window boxes, container and hanging baskets to your garden to make it more thoughtful, creative and obviously colorful

7. Choose the Right Lighting
Have you seen any garden with lights at night? Trust me at night it looks prettier, Lights can add a little drama, they can add a dreamy look to that floral heaven. So you could choose to add a few led lights in those hanging baskets with holes and some puck lights near the trees.

8. Maintenance
This is an extremely important step because I am sure you don’t want to waste all that effort you inputted in landscaping your beautiful garden. Right? Read some garden quotes to get motivated, and make sure you water and mulch new plants.

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