6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Are a New Driver

There is no feeling quite like passing your driving test and joining the roads for the first time by yourself. This can also a daunting experience initially and it is no surprise that new motorists often make the same mistakes when they first start driving independently. Here are a few of the more common ones to be aware of.

1. Inadequate Cover
The first mistake often occurs even before getting behind the wheel. Having car insurance is, of course, a legal requirement but it is also worth looking into optional insurance policies. This will include an extended warranty if the manufacturer warranty has expired and ALA GAP insurance to provide financial protection if the car is written off.

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2. Overconfidence/Lack of Confidence
Good driving is having the right level of confidence. Many people are overconfident after passing and feel like they are king of the road but this is a dangerous mindset. Equally as dangerous is a lack of confidence and being over cautious. You should have confidence because you have passed your test but remember that the roads are incredibly dangerous and you must be sensible and focused constantly.

3. Not Knowing Your Route
When you are an inexperienced driver it is vital that you know exactly where you are going so you can focus on what is in front of you. This can be hard if you do not know your route so always plan ahead/use GPS to find your destination.

4. Low Tyre Pressure
When you learn to drive there is so much focus on driving that sometimes vehicle maintenance can take a back seat. Many motorists drive around with low tyre pressure which can be dangerous and cost you more money at the fuel pump. Check regularly especially before long trips or if the weather is extreme.


5. Not Aware of Speed
When you are so focused on what is directly in front of you it is very easy to not be aware of how fast you are driving and what the speed limit is – this is obviously incredibly dangerous. Make checking your speed and the limit a priority whenever you are behind the wheel to avoid this problem.

6. Driving When Tired
When you first pass your test it is natural to want to spend as much time behind the wheel as possible. It is vital that you are not tired when you drive as this can be incredibly dangerous but it can be hard to tell when you are drowsy. Some modern cars have drowsiness detection but it is best to avoid driving at all if you feel tired and to avoid lengthy journeys.

These are a few of the more common mistakes that new (and some experienced drivers) make. It is essential that you educate yourself and make safety a priority after passing your test and this will help you to quickly develop confidence in your abilities.

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