Bump Watch: We Have Made It! 24 Weeks and Viable!

24 Week Bump

Reaching 24 weeks is an important milestone for any Mummy but for a Mummy who gave birth to her last babies at 27 week plus 3 it is a very special occasion. If Matilda May is born now they have … Continue reading 

Bump Watch: 20+3 Anomaly Scan shows Anterior Low Lying Placenta


We have reached another milestone! We have crossed the halfway line and are on our way to 24 weeks and viability. A most important milestone for all mummies but especially those who have experienced a premature birth. 4 weeks to … Continue reading 

Advent Book Review Four: My First Night Before Christmas


For our fourth advent book review I have decided to stick with the theme from yesterday, a board book with touchy feely elements and a book which we have alternative versions of, the book, The Night Before Christmas. Twas The … Continue reading 

Advent Book Review Three: Usborne Touchy-Feely The Nativity


Yesterday saw us taking the chocolate coins out of pouch number three on our Snowman advent calendar as we shared our third Christmas story. The Christmas Story, especially for little hearts, minds and hands. Esther and William love a book … Continue reading 

Best of Brighton Baby Expo 2011


On Sunday I took David, Esther and William to the Baby Expo in Brighton. I had been following all the build up for months and was so so excited about the show. When we got there though I could not … Continue reading 

Bump Watch: 13+6 Making the Most of Me

last sun 012

After my disappointing maternity shop on Sunday I have been thinking of other ways in which I could make the most of me. I need to set aside some time each week that is mine alone and use it to … Continue reading 

Devilish Giveaway For Your Little Angels!


Esther and William both suffer with their skin. Esther in particular suffers with itchy and sometimes sore eczema while William has patches of very dry skin. They both love their bath so though I know it can be drying for … Continue reading