Bump Watch: 23 Weeks


So today I am 23 weeks pregnant with Matilda Bump and there is no hiding the fact that I am pregnant anymore. Bump is beautiful and big and baby is a little body popping wriggler. I love being pregnant! What … Continue reading 

005/366 Photo Within A Photo (or two!)

Matilda May 22 Weeks

Introducing Matilda May at 22 weeks. Hoping that we reach our next key milestone of viability at 24 weeks, then our next scan at 28 weeks before making our way well and truly into the 30s!!! We can do it, … Continue reading 

Bump Watch: 20+3 Anomaly Scan shows Anterior Low Lying Placenta


We have reached another milestone! We have crossed the halfway line and are on our way to 24 weeks and viability. A most important milestone for all mummies but especially those who have experienced a premature birth. 4 weeks to … Continue reading