Listography 2012: Top 5 Photos from 2011

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Bump Watch: 13+6 Making the Most of Me

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Eastwell Manor Spa Day

On Monday 29th August 2011 I went on a spa day at Eastwell Manor’s Dreams Salon.
I had been organising and reorganising the day for the past week with the girls on reception who were incredibly helpful and understanding, particularly someone called Alexis. Their customer service was excellent. I could not fault it.

When I arrived at 9.00am I was warmly welcomed, shown around the spa facilities and then given complimentary tea and pastries (not continental breakfast as advertised!) whilst I filled out a medical questionnaire and my lunch order.

My first treatment was at 11.00am and so I had some time to enjoy the pool and spa area. I swam for 20 minutes and then had a relax and a bit of a giggle in the hydro pool. It was like a giant bubble bath and made me feel very relaxed. I was the only person in both the swimming and the hydro pools, so it really was a peaceful start to my day.

At 10.15 I showered and used the Molton Brown products (very nice!) before heading up to the relaxation lounge where I had hoped to enjoy a lovely frothy hot chocolate, a glass of water and some highbrow magazines. The lounge was a disappointment. A very cheap coffee machine offered okay hot chocolate, the water was cool but in a plastic cup and the magazine selection was awful as well as out of date. I was feeling very glad to have brought both my laptop and a book. And a little like my £215 was not getting me very much really! Again the lounge was empty so it was quiet and relaxing, and would have been boring without my digital accessories!

My first two treatments run from 11.00 – 12.30 and then I have lunch. I am allowed to go to lunch in my dressing gown if I wish. I am not sure how I feel about that but I think that I will. It is my day to relax after all. And who is going to be looking at me? Lonely girl having lunch with her lap top!!

My first treatment was a rose leg and foot refresher. I sat in a massage chair while the therapist used a lathe to rid my feet of all their hard skin. I was offered to take the lathe home with me but then I forgot it which was a shame. The therapist then exfoliated my feet and legs,then massaged them with rose aromatherapy oils before applying a rose mask to my feet. Then a rich rose moisturising lotion was applied to finish the treatment. I was left feeling very pampered and relaxed.

My second treatment was half an hour relaxation on a dry flotation bed. This was wonderfully relaxing and apparently this 30 minute therapy equates to having four hours sleep. I did fall asleep! It was so cosy wrapped in warm towels on a heated bed floating weightlessly on water. Heaven! I wish I could have stayed there all day!

I got dressed after these treatments and went to the restaurant for my lunch. Could not face going in my dressing gown after all! I enjoyed a warm bread roll oozing with butter, a chicken and anchovy Caesar salad, salmon with a warm green salad and two hot chocolates. Ooops! Not so good for my diet but great for my frame of mind. It was lovely sat in the restaurant enjoying such fine foods uninterrupted. The lunch was complimetary but the drinks I had to pay for.

For all the relaxation though I am missing Esther and William terribly. I cannot believe that they will be going to sleep without me seeing them tonight. Makes me very sad and want to rush home and give them a big squeeze. I love them so very much. I really want to say goodnight x

After lunch I relaxed and had a snooze in the lounge.

At 3.00pm I had my facial, a rose aromatherapy radiance facial. It was very relaxing and with a lovely, chatty therapist. We talked weddings and babies and it was really nice. The same therapist, Heidi, stayed with me all afternoon shaping my eyebrows beautifully and giving me a deluxe Jessica manicure. She even talked me into having my nails painted dark red! Just for fun!

The day ended at 5pm. I could have used the pool and spa for another hour if I wanted to but I was ready for home. I strolled through the beautiful grounds to meet David and head home for a cuddle with Esther and William before they went to sleep.

What a wonderfully relaxing way to spend a day. Wish I could afford to do it once every few months to recharge my Mummy batteries, would be bliss! It is a shame that something so essential for busy mums is often just that bit out of reach.

Thank you Eastwell Manor for a lovely day and my complimentary slippers!