Edspire Festive Forecast: Send Happiness and Spread the Festive Cheer

Send Happiness x

Today I received the most delightful thing through my letter box. A little box of happiness. A beautifully decorated cardboard box filled with wishes for a Merry Christmas and an assortment of quality chocolate. I felt like the luckiest lady … Continue reading 

Wedding Reception One: The Tea Party


After the church service our wedding was in two parts, afternoon tea with barn dancing and then our evening meal. For each of these parts we wanted to create a completely different style and atmosphere. The afternoon tea was in … Continue reading 

When I Grow Up

When I was just a little girl,
I asked my mother,
What will I be?
Will I be pretty?
Will I be rich?
Here’s what she said to me …

From an early age I dreamed of being; never being any one set thing but each thing related to words. And now when I think about those childhood ambitions many of them remain the same to this day. I would still like to be an actress, a journalist, an English and Drama teacher. Added now to my list are the White House Press Secretary and my one childhood pipe dream, a professional ice skater, like my childhood heroine Katarina Witt.

So here in more detail are the things I would most like to be when I grow up.

Ice Skater
When I was younger I lived in Germany and I used to love watching ice skating on television. My favourite skater was Katarina Witt. She was a hugely successful skater and was jut gorgeous to watch. I loved her grace, her elegance, her costumes!! I loved watching her colour and creativity and sparkle on the screen. I used to dream of being just like her. In reality when I went ice skating as a child I had to hang on to the sides of the rink so as not to fall over. An ice dancer I was never going to be!

I tried so hard to make this dream come true. I was in every possible school production, I studied GCSE Drama and A Level Theatre Studies, I joined local drama groups and when we moved to areas that did not have a drama group then from as young as 9 I woud start one. Drama was and is my thing! I would have given anything to be a professional actress. When I was a child I was desperate to join Anna Scher Theatre School. I worshipped her and wrote her letters. I am fairly sure that she replied too. I also went through a phase of wanting to go to The Italia Conti Academy, none of this was possible as by this time we were living in Germany. I wrote to the BBC too and asked if I could be an extra. I also told the BBC about a book I liked that should be made into a TV series and I even offered to play the leading role myself. I was desperate! As I got older I realised that I needed to make the best of my amateur experiences as a professional role was probably not ever going to be mine.

Writer / Journalist
I tried hard to achieve this goal too. I was editor of our class magazine at school as a pupil and also ran the school newspaper as a teacher. At university I wrote short pieces for the TES and had an interview for ATL. In my late teens I had an interview for a job as a local news reader on BFBS Radio in Germany. They were very impressed with me at the interview but I was too young for the role. I loved the interview though, choosing what news needed to be given the highest priority and makng headlones and reading them out over the air. Such a great experience, I would have loved that job! Now as a blogger I am developing my writing skills and I also write articles about Zu3D for my fiance. I would like to write a book one day. I have been writing stories and poems for as long as I can remember. It is something that I find very easy, something that I love to do. Perhaps an educational children’s book will be in the offing one day.

English and Drama Teacher
I am half way to this one already as a primary teacher and literacy subject leader but when my own children go to school I would like to work as a secondary school English teacher. I want to be like Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society. That is my dream job. That is the dream I am going to strive to achieve next and I cannot wait!!

White House Press Secretary
This is my fantasy dream job after becoming a little obsessed with The West Wing. I think I could be a good Press Secretary, I would love to give it a try!! I love the patriotism and passion in The West Wing. I am not American but The West Wing makes me want to serve at the pleasure of the President. Of President Bartlett anyway!

So there you have it, what I would be, if I could be, should I ever ever grow up.

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Things to be Happy About


A clear and bright blue sky
The sun casting diamonds on the ocean
Warm sand between my toes
Crisp morning air
Reaching a summit
Running or rolling down a grassy hill
Loud music
Great lyrics
Making lists
Crossing things off lists
Hot chocolate with cream
What ifs
Just imagines
Happy ever afters
Baby smiles
Little giggles
Belly laughs
Cold sheets
Fresh linen
New inspirations
Ideas that work
Dancing under the stars
Sleeping beneath the moon
Toasted marshmallows
Buttered crumpets
Campfires and songs
Fine food
Chocolate wine
Flowery dresses
Floaty skirts
Plaits and ringlets
Tumbling tresses
A good book
A funny film
Great company
Giving gifts
Making cards
Writing poetry
Dream making
Goal getting

I could go on and on!

This is in response to Lauren @ RealhousewifeofSuffolk who has started a Things to be Happy About MeMe. How could I resist joining in, it is always so nice to think happy thoughts. You have just read some of mine, why not hop on over to Lauren and share some of yours?

The Gallery – Sparkle

This is a Gallery topic from last year that I have decided to use as the focus for a post.  A chance to show off something of mine I love that sparkles.  My engagement ring!

David proposed to me in December 2008 as the longest night of the year ended.  It was the most wonderful start to one of the best days of my life, matched only by the day that Esther and William were born. And the day we found out they were coming!

David proposed at Bodiam Castle in a very romantic way.  It was the longest night of the year and I was woken from a deep, deep sleep.  I heard a voice saying, “Wake up, Jennie.  Jennie.  Wake up!”  I realised that David was not beside me.  Our song started playing (I’ll Stop the World, The Cure).  I got out of bed and started looking for David before realising that the voice and the music was coming from the computer.  The voice was saying, “Before the dawn on the longest night, I’ll wake you, Look outside let the blue lights guide you, Wrap up warm, your future awaits you.”

I rushed to look out of the window to the back garden but could not see anything.  I looked out of the front window and saw a blue light flickering on the footpath to the castle.  I got dressed and spotted a torch labelled, “Bring me with you!”  I took the torch and left the house, heading for the blue light.  When I reached the footpath I noticed that lots of blue lights were leading and lighting the way toward the castle. 

David was very clever, and thoughtful, to choose blue as it is my favourite colour.  I let the lights guide me, following them with my torch.  I was excited and terrified all at the same time.  The lights led all the way to the draw bridge of the castle that too was all bathed in blue.  And there was David, waiting in the bitter cold with the most beautiful diamond I have ever seen!  He told me that he loved me and asked me to be his wife.  It was just wonderful!  A perfect moment. 

Over the next few weeks and months we designed the ring above and found the person we wanted to make this most precious sparkle.  Now I wear this sparkle of mine with pride and can’t wait til it is joined by a wedding band.  7 months to go!!!

The wave form represents the sea and also the winding path to the castle.  The sapphire is blue for my favourite colour, the guiding blue lights and the sea.  The diamond represents the castle and our love.  Everlasting, with strong defences and loyal servants. 

My sparkle!