021/366 25 Week Bump

25 Week Bump

Today I took a self portrait. Me at 25 weeks with little Matilda May. I am ready to go for a swim in our hotel pool as David and I had one child free night before we become parents of … Continue reading 

Bump Watch: 18 Weeks Landed With a Bump!


Today I am 18+4 and though I am still not feeling any miovement I do have a definite bump – as you can see! Last Tuesday, a week ago now, I saw the midwife and heard the little squidger’s heartbeat. … Continue reading 

Bump Watch: 17 Weeks and Feeling Fat!

My Bump, My Bump, My Lovely Baby Bump!

So today I am 17 weeks pregnant and I am feeling fat! Just today have started needing the loo a lot! Think Baby must have changed position and be putting pressure on my bladder? My bump is definitely looking bump … Continue reading 

Bump Watch: 13+6 Making the Most of Me

last sun 012

After my disappointing maternity shop on Sunday I have been thinking of other ways in which I could make the most of me. I need to set aside some time each week that is mine alone and use it to … Continue reading