What Am I Passionate About?

Kerry at Multiple Mummy is encouraging us all to take some time out from being a Mummy and share things we are passionate about. I have only been a Mummy for 9 months but I have to say that my own passions and interests are already a hazy memory. What did I do before Esther and William were born?

Drama – acting and directing
I love the theatre. I love going to London to watch a show but I also love small theatre, amateur theatre and schol plays. I have always enjoyed acting from a very early age and have been lucky enough to play some fantastic roles in amateur theatre. I have also worked with some exceptional children when directing school plays. Theatre is my main passion. I have been involved in all aspects of theatre at one time or another and know that I will be again when the babies are older. This is a passion that I share with David and I hope that we will both tread the boards again one day.

Writing – blogging and poetry
I have written poetry, stories and plays since I was a young child. I love writing! I find it easy and can write a poem very quickly. My poetry is quite childlike in format and style but it works. My writing has taken a new direction in the last year since starting this blog. When I was a teenager I went mad with my Mother for reading my diary now I am publishing it online for all to see. I find blogging therapeutic, a release, an escape and a way of making friends.

Photography – taking photos and sorting photos
My camera goes with me everywhere. I have always loved taking photos and being in other people’s. I took GCSE Design and specialised in photography but spent more time modelling for other people’s photos than taking and developing my own. Photographs are another form of diary for me, I record very milestone I can, especially since the babies have been born. I am currently taking the 365 photo challenge to try and improve my skills and if I a feel at the end of the year that I have been successful then I am going to treat myself to a proper SLR camera and deveop this passion even more.

Reading – to myself and out loud
Any regular reader of this blog will know that I love reading with Esther and William. I want to encourage them to have the same love affair with literature that their father and I share. Our house is full of books of every genre and we all love to read. I love to read aloud. When David and I first met we used to read plays aloud together. Now I read out loud to Esther and William whenever I can. We generally share at leats three picture books a day and you can read about some of our favourites here.

The West Wing
David introduced me to this series when we first met in 2007. Since then we ave watched all 7 series about 5 times. I am sure we are on our fifth go through. This is an Amrican drama set in The White House with a Democtratic president. It is fantasticaly written, superbly cast and very well acted. It is easy to watch yet challenges your thinking. It makes you laugh and cry. It feels real. It sparked an interest for me in American political systems and I have learned so much through watching it. It is great! David and I can quote many lines from it and often share them as personal jokes. It is a shared passion and a strong bond between us. We have watched it every day for years. I love it.

I am a planner. I love to make lists and tick things off. At the moment I am busy planning our wedding, before that we have Esther and William’s first birthday party to arrange and after it their christening to plan. I love researching ideas and making plans.

So there we go, seems I can remember after all! But none of these things compare to the passion I have for my children and sharing in their learning and development. None of these things compare with my love for David and my desire to make him happy, to make us happy as a family. There is nothing in the world that beats that!

But it has been nice, really nice, to take a few minutes out to write this post and remember who I am for a while, who I am when I am not being Mummy x

Mumra’s Playlist – Singalong

Mumra Playlist

If there is one thing that I love to do it is sing. I know lots and lots of songs of by heart from a whole range of musical genres.
These days I have the wonderful excuse of singing to Esther and William but before it has always been purely for my own self indulgent pleasure. When I was younger I used to have a microphone that I would plug into my hifi and record myself on to tape singing a variety of songs.

I love musical theatre and can sing the whole way through The Sound of Music after playing Louisa in a production at drama. I used to always sing Memories from Cats and other Elaine Paige classics. My parents had an album with the lyrics on the sleeve and I learned them from there.

When I was younger we always had music on in the car, especially when we went on long journeys and I knew every word to every song on my Dad’s mix tapes. I remember that I used to say if I was not singing in the car then I would get sick or feel sick. I love singing in the car!

Now when David and I are in the car we also have music on and often we are both singing along at the tops of our voices. There is nothing better on a sunny day than driving fast, windows down, music loud and raising our voices together in song. Makes me smile. Warms the cockles of the heart!!

When I was a young teenager in the 80s singing was of a much more serious nature and the three songs that I remember singing and recording over and over again all have a similar theme of a young jilted girl with a broken heart or stuggling with true love. Oh dear!

The songs I have chosen to share, for which I know every single word are …

Tiffany – Could’ve Been

Debbie Gibson – Foolish Beat

Beverley Craven – Promise Me

What song is sure to have you sigining along? Hop over to Mumra’s and help us compile our playlist.

Mumra Playlist

Mumra’s School Disco!

For Mumra’s 7th playlist she is asking us to reveal our school disco tracks.

I have two; a dance track that for me signifies the start of my disco career and the first song that I can remember slow dancing to in the school hall.

Both tunes remind me of my time at Edinburgh School in Munster,Germany and I guess at this time I would have been in Years 7, 8 and 9.

The dance style of the moment was The Running Man!

Madonna was enjoying a revival.

My full school disco playlist would include many many classic early 90s tunes but these two define, for me, discos at school.

Snap – The Power and Madonna – Crazy For You

Oh the memories of those so special days!!

Technotronic anyone? Betty Boo? Pump up the Jam!

They say that your school days are the best days of your life and with tunes such as these making up the soundtrack how can they be wrong?

Mumra Playlist

Musical Memories – New Beginnings

My whole reason for starting blogging was to welcome Esther and William to the world. My beautiful daughter and her brother, my son, born on the 24th July, 13 weeks too soon. They spent 59 days in NICU and looking at them now, you really would never know.
My musical memory is of the beginning of their tiny lives and the soundtrack to those early days.

This is Wires by Athlete with photos of Esther and William at their beginning.

THE VIDEO ON FACEBOOK (should it not work here!)

For more musical memories hop on over to Mummy Matters and join in with this brand new linky.


Metal Mummy’s Movie Meme – The 80s

I am on holiday right now and I am not supposed to be posting but I was just commenting on Metal Mummy’s blog when I decided that this week’s Meme cannot be sat out.

When I saw the chosen topic of 80s movies I immediately thought of The Lost Boys but this has already taken by our hostess so when commenting on the awesomeness of this movie it got me to thinking of two more 80s movies that I loved.

Weren’t 80s movies great? SO many classics now that I begin to think … Short Circuit, Flight of the Navigator, Space Camp, Adventures in Babysitting, Gremlins, The Money Pit, Big, Splash, K9, Heathers … the list goes on and on.

I want to talk about 3 movies though two are linked.

The first is The Goonies starring a very young Sean Astin who of course went on to star as Sam the Brace in Lord of the Rings. The Goonies was a teen adventure movie starring Chunk and Sloth! How can you forgte characters such as these. They are on the hunt for treasure to save their house from being demolished and turned into a country club. A great teen adventure story created by Steven Spielberg. Alongside Sean Astin stars Corey Feldman. I loved Corey Feldman in the 80s, much prefered him to his blonde counterpart Corey Haim. In this comedy adventure he was very funny and so young! Corey Feldman is also of course in The Lost Boys. Such a great movie, see how I can’t stop mentioning it here.

The second and third films that I want to bring to your attention this Meme are Young Guns I and II. What great brat pack movies they were! Emilio Estevez and Kiefer Sutherland being the real stars of the show. Kiefer as Doc and Emilio as Billy the Kid, both very funny with a certain sexiness that a good male lead should command, especially in a brat pack film. The second film had the added bonuses of Balthazar Getty and Christian Slater in the cast and a brilliant soundtrack by Jon Bon Jovi who I adored at the time.

“I’m going down in a blaze of glory …”

There are some great lines in the second film too
“Hello Bob … Goodbye Bob”
“Yoo Hoo, gonna make you famous!”

Judge Bristol: ” …and there be hanged by the neck till he be dead, dead, dead. Now, do you have anything to say, young man?”
William H. Bonney: “Yes I do, your Honour. You can go to hell, hell, hell.”

Such great memories of classic movies. They make me miss my wee sis so much as we used to watch these over and over together and how we laughed!! Love you wee sis x

Metal Mummy, thank you for giving us such a great theme. I am off to buy some DVDs for an 80s movie night x

What the hell do you think Leona really puts in that pizza?

This week Hannah has asked us to share our favourite chick flicks for her weekly Movie Meme.

For me it has to be a film that I have mentioned on the blog before, Mystic Pizza.

This 1988 film, set in a pizza restaurant, stars a very young Julia Roberts who is one of my favourite actresses. I love her in My Best Friend’s Wedding which is another great chick flick by the way.

This film is an 80s girly film that I watched with my younger sister. It is a film that I bought again in 2009 to watch during my two week wait when doing IVF. It is a movie about three teenage girls coming of age.

It is a romantic comedy with some very endearing characters that tug at your heart strings.

My favourite character is Kat who is played by Annabeth Gish. In my last post about this film I said that she was also in Space Camp but in fact she isn’t, that is Lea Thompson (oops) but what she is in is The West Wing, where she plays the presidents eldest daughter.

I like Kat because she is the good daughter who falls in love with someone that she shouldn’t. Annabeth plays the part very well and you really feel for her as you know that the relationship she so craves can never work.

The actresses playing the sisters and friend in the movie really work well together and make this film complete.

There was also one memorable line said by a very young, little known actor called Matt Damon!!!

I think this film was a springboard for him and Roberts and Gish who have all gone on to be big stars, but for me this is an honest, heartwarming portrayal of being a teenage girl and trying to please everyone in your life whilst also being true to yourself.

A great feel good movie about being a girl!

Why not hop on over to Metal Mummy’s to share a chick flick of your own?

I Was Lookin’ Back To See …

I was lookin’ back to see
If you were lookin’ back at me
To see me lookin’ back at you

When I was at University (the first time!) I only had 8 hours of lectures a week. I was studying English and Drama. The rest of the time I was living my life and being educated in an altogether different way.

I went to University in Liverpool and I spent my weekends clubbing. It was 1996 and the club scene was massive. I had the time of my life!

After a big night out a few of us would gather in our halls to unwind together and we would play more relaxed music, music I would often leave playing to lull me into sleep.

There are two albums that dominated my stereo were Massive Attack Blue Lines and Leftfield Leftism. Two albums that I adore to this day.

The tracks that I have chosen to share for Mumra’s Playlist are ones that I would hear repeatedly through the night as I slipped in and out of consciousness, dream time! They are Massive Attack’s Safe From Harm and Leftfield’s Original.

Sleep sweet one and all x

And if you need more chill out tunes to send you on your way head on over to Mumra’s to continue the relaxed vibe.

Mumra Playlist

Meet Joe Black!

This week the theme is Favourite Actors.

For me it has to be Brad Pitt. I think he is wonderful. He is a great actor who can be funny, charming, endearing, odd and always always astoundingly handsome!

One of my all time favourite films is A River Runs Through It, starring Brad at what I think was his most gorgeous.

When Brad and Jennifer Aniston were together I thought they were a fabulous couple and I was so sad that he ended up with Angelia Jolie. A bad day for the girl next door!!

My favourite Brad films include Legends of the Fall where he plays brooding brother Tristan, who is in love with his brother’s wife and 12 Monkeys where he plays weird wonderfully in my opinion.

I love him in the Oceans films looking suave and being cheeky and he makes me laugh in Mr and Mrs Smith.

Sleepers is another of my favourite films and he is fantastic in this. It is an emotional story so very well told by all the actors involved including the lovely Brad.

Meet Joe Black was an easy to watch movie with Brad at his loveliest!

And Fight Club was just fabulous showcasing Pitt as fierce and at his best!

He made me laugh in Snatch and smile in The Mexican. He made me swoon in Troy, a film that I really did enjoy.

I have to say actually that I have enjoyed all of Brad’s films even the dismal Cool World all those years ago.

And who can forget Thelma and Louise? Well actually I can, I have defintiely seen the film but I do not remember that scene!

But I do love a bit of Brad, and he is my favourite actor, followed closely by Mr Depp and Christian Slater. Heathers was a wonderful film!

Who is your favourite actor? Are you willing to share? Hop on over to Metal Mummy to see who takes your fancy?

Things to be Happy About


A clear and bright blue sky
The sun casting diamonds on the ocean
Warm sand between my toes
Crisp morning air
Reaching a summit
Running or rolling down a grassy hill
Loud music
Great lyrics
Making lists
Crossing things off lists
Hot chocolate with cream
What ifs
Just imagines
Happy ever afters
Baby smiles
Little giggles
Belly laughs
Cold sheets
Fresh linen
New inspirations
Ideas that work
Dancing under the stars
Sleeping beneath the moon
Toasted marshmallows
Buttered crumpets
Campfires and songs
Fine food
Chocolate wine
Flowery dresses
Floaty skirts
Plaits and ringlets
Tumbling tresses
A good book
A funny film
Great company
Giving gifts
Making cards
Writing poetry
Dream making
Goal getting

I could go on and on!

This is in response to Lauren @ RealhousewifeofSuffolk who has started a Things to be Happy About MeMe. How could I resist joining in, it is always so nice to think happy thoughts. You have just read some of mine, why not hop on over to Lauren and share some of yours?